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Prost explains scepticism on overtaking boost

Prost explains scepticism on overtaking boost



Prost explains scepticism on overtaking boost

Prost explains scepticism on overtaking boost

Alain Prost has added his scepticism to the new aerodynamic rules for 2019. In the paddock, opinions are split as Liberty and the FIA move to make overtaking easier, although several drivers, such as Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo have reported that a positive change has been felt.

Simplified front wings and other aerodynamic tweaks have been brought in in an attempt to lessen the amount of turbulence generated at the rear of cars, previously blamed for making overtaking a struggle.

However, Prost believes this change should have been delayed until 2021, when Liberty are set to shake up the regulations once again.

"It was a change in the regulations that cost us a lot of money before another major change of regulation for 2021, the details of which are not yet known," F1 legend and Renault advisor Prost told RTBF.

"Perhaps it would have been better to wait until 2021 and fundamentally change a lot more," he added.

Although some drivers have said the new front wings in particular have made following a rival car easier, Prost remains unsure.

Prost said: "In testing you don't necessarily follow another car often, so we cannot say yet if it will be easier to follow and overtake, but there is a small tendency to say that is positive.

"I hope it will be positive, but I am not completely convinced that it will be day and night," he added. "We will not see the different in Melbourne anyway, because it is a circuit where it is always difficult to overtake."

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