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Kubica only '20%' prepared for comeback race

Kubica only '20%' prepared for comeback race



Kubica only '20%' prepared for comeback race

Kubica only '20%' prepared for comeback race

Robert Kubica has admitted that he is only "20%" ready to finally make his comeback to competitive Formula 1 action at the Australian Grand Prix in a couple of weeks, and reckons this is partly due to Williams' struggles over testing in Barcelona.

The Pole has been out of F1 for eight years after suffering a career-threatening injury which cost him part of his arm, but was selected as a Williams driver for 2019 after acting in a reserve capacity last year.

However, he claims he isn't completely prepared for the start of the campaign, and he believes that completing the fewest laps of any driver in testing due to car and part issues hasn't helped.

"That's the situation, I cannot change it," Kubica said of his problems in Barcelona.

"I have to make sure we are doing everything what we can, from my side.

"Coming back after eight years, probably I know 20 percent of the things that I should know before going to Australia.

"The rest is unknown. I haven't done longer than 15 laps long run. There is a lot of question marks. But that's the reality, we cannot change it."

Kubica enjoyed a positive day of testing on Wednesday, but it was followed by a day of frustration as didn't complete the desired laps due to a lack of spare parts at Williams.

"My last real run when I feel the car well was [Wednesday] afternoon, first run, when the car did things which I was surprised [by], a really nice surprise.

"So I get up really a lot of confidence, but since then my confidence disappears, because the car was not in the right state"

Due to their testing problems, Kubica has admitted that simply making sure the car is fit for purpose is the target for the first race in Melbourne.

"First of all we have to make sure the car stays in one piece," he continued.

"Because the reality is, my test ended after the first run in the afternoon [on Wednesday]. The rest, I have to forget how I drove and what I felt."

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