Wolff: Hamilton and Schumacher are the best ever

Saturday, 09 february 2019, 05:31 , by Martin Macdonald

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes that Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are the two best drivers we have seen compete in Formula 1, but thinks that the former's talent and achievements will only be fully recognised after he retires from the sport.

In 2018, Hamilton won his fifth driver's championship which put him alongside Juan Manuel Fangio's tally, with the duo still two behind the record of seven set by Schumacher.

The Brit is still only 33-years-old, making it possible for him to match or surpass Schumacher, and Wolff reckons those two are the benchmark for F1 drivers, even if Hamilton doesn't quite get the praise he deserves while currently competes.

"Lewis, in my opinion, along with Michael, are the best we have ever seen," Wolff told The National.

"We're only going to realise when he retires one day. We tend to never acknowledge somebody's great performance while it happens.

"We are always full of the types of people who retire or die. But they are never saying 'This guy is really unbelievable, we're alive to witness an exceptional performer'.

"I think we should recognise that while we are still racing."

Wolff and Hamilton have put together a supreme partnership, with Mercedes having won the last five constructor's championships. This season will be their seventh, and Wolff has revealed his admiration for how Hamilton has evolved over the years.

"The way he has developed as a human is exceptional," the Silver Arrows boss continued.

"He's become a strong pillar of winning with the team, which is rather unusual for a driver; your driver is more complaining about the team than praising, and he praises.

"We have an environment of brutal honesty with each other. So, if things go wrong, we go into the meeting and we say: 'That was wrong, that was wrong, and that was wrong'.

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  • Gabriel Auger
    Yeah of course ! ... just behind Ayrton Senna
  • Dave Newson
    Oh dream on, Hamilton is not in the same league as Schumacher, sorry
  • Nuno Pedro
    Hamilton the best driver, Schumacher the best cheater
  • Aaron Iacobucci
    Schumacher and Senna are the best
  • Christine Muise
    What a joke!!! Schumacher yes, Hamilton no!!
  • Guy Fleshbourne
    Hamilton yes!. Schumacher maybe not.
  • Carlos Santos
    Santos and Hamilton are the best
  • Roger Thegel
    #1 Clark #2 Prost #3 Schumi #4 Senna
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Wolff still not accurate on some statements...
  • David Lees
    Replace hamilton with senna then its believable
  • Lars Bråten
    Senna Max Hamilton Schumacher Alonso Vettel
  • Jan Petersen
    Never schummi Best.hamilton just lucky
  • ????? ???????
    In your dreams , Alonso is the best !!
  • Ed Rome
    1- Senna 2- Schumacher 3- Fangio
  • Jeff Brummer
    Well half that statement is true... #laughsatthat
  • Vishal Chokkala
    Meanwhile senna rolling in his grave
  • Stuart Hoy
    You spelt Senna wrong.
  • Nicolai Mercier
    Schumacher and Senna yes...
  • John Gaskell
    There’s no H in Alonso
  • Juba Kadi

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