VIDEO: McLaren's eye-popping 2050 F1 concept

Wednesday, 23 january 2019, 10:27 , by Matthew Scott

McLaren's applied technologies division has offered an eye-popping vision as to how Formula 1 may look in the distant future of 2050, including electrically powered cars, drivers assisted by artificial intelligence and the, quite frankly, mind-blowing concept of "shapeshifting active aerodynamics".

F1 teams offering up concepts for the future of the sport is nothing new, but it will never stop us from absolutely loving them.

As motorsport continues to push the envelope of technological advancement, it's fascinating to see where F1 teams think they could take the sport in the years to come.

We're a little disappointed that four wheels remain – surely flying cars can't be that far down the line?!

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Comments (4)

  • Alween Lopez
    Still orange. Still sucking.... Still waiting for PussyLonso to comeback
  • Wesley Laquiere
    It’s maybe an idea to create a better vision for 2019 and not for 2050?
  • Robert Sandor
    McLaren should concentrate on this year...Not on 2050..

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