'You pr*ck!' - Verstappen goes full Crashtappen with iRacing road rage!

Thursday, 10 january 2019, 12:05 , by Matthew Scott

The presence of Max Verstappen, and other professional motorsport stars, on iracing.com is one of the coolest things about the sim-racing platform – giving anyone the chance to pit their wits against the best drivers in the world. One rival wasn't to Max's liking after a collision in a practice session, prompting the Formula 1 star to take matters into his own hands – as captured on Twitch by user MrGit.

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  • Rick Smith
    You wouldn’t
  • Luis Vales
    Francisco Vales
  • Stefano Bevere
    Cristiano Ciuti
  • Jamie Paget
    Things don't change
  • Kevin Wrl
    Dennis Edwin Uhl
  • Robin Jürries
    Rutger Mol Colin Marcus
  • Brayden Preston
    Nath Forster
  • Sadiq Amin
    Anvesh Cheemakurthy
  • Jarrod McLauchlin
    Surprise suprise
  • Nigel Hagans
    Rafael Beloto

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