Verstappen a potential F1 great, says Ricciardo

Friday, 04 january 2019, 09:06 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen is a potential Formula 1 great, if he is able to place himself in a car that makes the most of his abilities, according to former Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo. Verstappen has won five grands prix in his young career to date without making a serious impression on a title fight.

Despite a difficult start to the year, Verstappen enjoyed his best season by a distance in 2018, scoring more points than any campaign previously and finishing a career-best fourth in the drivers' championship.

Red Bull hope ditching Renault for Honda as their power unit partner will put them back in the mix for titles and give Verstappen an even platform from which to battle the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

And Ricciardo believes that the Dutchman has the undoubted talent to take them on if suitable machinery is underneath him.

"There's a lot of potential, for sure some potential greatness for Max," Ricciardo said on a Red Bull podcast.

"I think it's all about the trajectory. He was quick from day one but I'm convinced he's a lot quicker than his first win for Red Bull.

"So, I'm sure he'll keep improving, but it's probably going to be more of a scenario if he's going to be in a car that's capable.

"That's probably going to dictate what levels of greatness he's going to achieve.

"He's obviously very talented and I've enjoyed the challenge with him, the rivalry.

"I think we've both grown as drivers - it's been beneficial to both of our careers."

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  • David Muffitt
    He will never be champion, he as won 5 races over 3 seasons, I can't ever see him winning 5 races in one season, I think he's just a gobshite, who's not even half as good as he thinks he is.. Roll on next season LH44
  • Richard Adams
    First he needs to remove the massive chip that resides on his shoulder! There's no point being fast and arrogant unless you can back it up!
  • Per Axblom
    Yhea a hard one. Alonso is clearly a talented driver and got only 2. Redbull seems to bring good cars nomsttee which driver
  • Marc Krikke
    All negative unrealistic people here. 2 bad I can't rub it in your faces when he's world champion in 2020.
  • Mike Koroleff
    as many world championships as he has won in the past
  • Steven Miller
    I reckon he's got at least four in him.
  • Vera Rozenberg
    Time will tell... Give the right car....
  • Nick Osborn
    Zero nadah zip
  • David Barrera
    Maybe on an XBox.....
  • Franz Dale
    yep.. without his Attitude

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