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Verstappen 'cares about nothing and nobody'

Verstappen 'cares about nothing and nobody'



Verstappen 'cares about nothing and nobody'

Verstappen 'cares about nothing and nobody'

Formula 3 driver Nicklas Nielsen has launched an astonishing attack verbal attack on Max Verstappen, claiming that the Dutchman 'cares about nothing and nobody' apart from winning, when asked to compare the Red Bull driver to his friend and colleague, Mick Schumacher.

Verstappen is viewed as one of the most talented young drivers in motorsport and has became recognised for his swashbuckling, aggressive style during races, which has led to criticism from some sections of the sport.

After the Brazilian Grand Prix, he confronted Esteban Ocon over an on-track incident which cost him the race, with the duo nearly coming to blows.

Schumacher, meanwhile, recently won the European F3 championship and his status as a young prodigy has led to comparisons with Verstappen, but Nielsen shot down that idea.

"I know [Schumacher] very well, also privately," Nielsen told Danish newspaper BT.

"He is a very quiet and calm guy. Very nice and welcoming and he talks to everyone.

"He is nothing like Max Verstappen, who cares about nothing and nobody and just wants to win. Mick has been brought up properly."

Nielsen also provided an insight as to what Mick, and his father Michael Schumacher, were like behind the scenes in the paddock before the F1 legend suffered his skiing accident which left him in a coma.

"Michael was with Mick around the tracks many times, so they were very close to each other until the last race before the accident," The Dane continued.

"They had a very professional approach to everything.

"Michael and Mick came in, walked around and said good morning to everyone and shook everyone’s hand both in the morning and evening.

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