Vettel faces penalty over bizarre quali incident

Saturday, 10 november 2018, 13:29 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel criticised an "unfair" decision to call him in for a weight check during a hectic Q2 at the Brazilian Grand Prix after he was referred to the stewards for destroying the FIA's weighbridge by driving away from it under his own power.

Vettel qualified second behind Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos but both drivers' positions were uncertain – Hamilton for blocking Kimi Raikkonen and Sergey Sirotkin and the Ferrari man for his bizarre incident.

Stewards were not quite ready to weigh Vettel, who was in a rush to get soft tyres on and set a time before rain arrived in Q2.

Against regulations, Vettel drove onto the scales and then drove away – drivers are supposed to be rolled into and out of position with engines switched off.

Vettel gesticulated and shouted in German while the Stewards dithered somewhat, but he could find himself in trouble – and potentially stripped of his second place.

However, the German was critical of the random decision to call him into the weighbridge

He said: "They shouldn't call us when the conditions are like that, I think it's unfair if somebody gets called in. I wanted them to hurry up."

VIDEO: Vettel destroys FIA weighbridge!
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Comments (11)

  • Silver Hawk
    The call to bring him in when they did, was not cool. I agree with that. That said..... That gives Vettel NO right, not to follow official procedures. He is a PROFESSIONAL athlete and should behave as such. More on that here:
  • Barbara Gouin
    Vettel was right a stupid time to be called onto the weigh bridge memo and Jeremy you must be Hamilton fans I bet if they did it to him you would both be screaming about it
  • Rab Ferrier
    Oh no he bumped over a cone how can he still be allowed to drive, ffs ppl it was a cone nothing else n he never injured anyone or broke anything, cone was still fine
  • Kevin Kirk
    Fine, weigh the car, but at least be ready for him and dont wave him to drive on the weight station if his engine needs to be off before he gets on it.
  • Joshua Jeffers
    I agree with Vettel on this. It was a bullshit time to do what they did. Weigh the car before or after a qualifying session...never during.
  • Memo Lara
    I hope he gets reprimanded by the FIA. ALL drivers should follow the rules and instructions from the Marshalls.
  • Sarkany Arpad Attila
    FIA must somehow Help Mercedes to win also the Constructors Championship. It' s a shame, it's maFIA.
  • Jeremy Long
    BAN ! That aggressive angry hot headed idiot !
  • Marco Vinicio
    No penalty for the black guy but Vettel gets banned. Fuck the FIA.
  • Mark Smith
    I agree with Vetel on this. Time is critical in that moment.

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