Fan backlash to Vietnam GP announcement

Wednesday, 07 november 2018, 05:57 , by Matthew Scott

Liberty Media's attempt to expand Formula 1's global appeal hasn't always been well-received by some fans, and it was no different following confirmation that 2020 will feature a Vietnam Grand Prix for the first time. Whether the addition of another street circuit, neglect of more classic venues, or just chasing the money – F1's owners once again came in for criticism after Wednesday's announcement.

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Comments (21)

  • Mat Wajda
    This’ll end up being the next India. 3 years, and then it’ll be gone. And the track resembles another damn Baku. Bring back Valencia, instanbul park before going to these damn countries for more boring races.
  • Luke Fidler
    If all of these so called "real circuits" are the best place for F1 why aren't they there now? You can't just pull a race out of your ass no matter how much people might think it would be great.
  • Charles Hodges
    That's the last place I would have expected. I just can't get on board with that. I turned 18 just as my country was getting out of Vietnam, and I don't even want to hear that name.
  • Richard Golen
    F1 is concentrating on new street circuits to the detriment of traditional venues. I’m sure that the average Vietnamese has the $500+ to spend on tix to the event.
  • Kevin Kirk
    well you are talking about fans that complained and pouted about a changed logo for the better part of a year.
  • Qu?c Khánh
    In every sport there are people who always moaning abour everything, just leave them alone
  • Fred Bertsch
    New countries = expanded fan base = larger talent pool = better racing craft. Hanoi sounds awesome to me.
  • Mark Kovach
    Go for it. Hopefully more interesting that so many current boring races
  • Jody Harrison
    It's fucking depressing to see layouts like that.... snoozefest straights are boring AF.
  • ????? ??????
    The next 2 year deal, which no one will remember by 2023
  • Guim Küderling Reñé
    Seems good, we will have to wait to prove if it's or not
  • Rudy Cloon
    real race tracks only please. not more bs city races
  • Reuben Charles
    This will make for an excellent holiday
  • Daniel William
  • Joe Taylor
    Wait and see
  • Jeremy Long
    Peter Cherrison
  • Phill Price
    Anyone remember Korean Gp ??

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