'We beat ourselves' - Vettel frustrated by Ferrari in Singapore

Sunday, 16 september 2018, 10:29 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel suggested Ferrari were guilty of self-sabotage at the Singapore Grand Prix after a strategy blunder limited him to a third-place finish at the Marina Bay Circuit which leaves him 40 points behind race-winner Lewis Hamilton in the drivers' championship.

Vettel was clearly unimpressed by his team's management of Saturday's qualifying, in whch he was more than half a second off Hamilton's pace, with Max Verstappen managing to squeeze between the title rivals.

Although the German was able to dispatch Verstappen on the opening lap, Ferrari seemed to commit to a two-stop strategy when pitting Vettel early for ultrasoft tyres – a decision potentially prompted by mishearing a radio message between Hamilton and Mercedes.

Red Bull pounced to get Verstappen back into P2 after his service and Vettel was unable to mount an attack due to the need for tyre management.

"I think overall we were not fast enough," Vettel said. "We did not have pace in the race, we tried to be aggressive in the beginning but it didn't work out.

"I had a different race to the other guys and I wasn't convinced we could make it to the end, but pitting was no option because you lose too much time so you just focus on making it home."

This race had represented a chance for Vettel to eat into a championship lead that has widened due to on-track errors in Hungary, Germany and Italy, but the German said there was collective fault for this misstep.

"It doesn't help obviously. I'm mostly thinking about today's race and today with the way we raced we didn't have a chance.

"There might be something extra in the way we weren't quick. I said before the weekend we could only beat ourselves and I think today we didn't get everything out of our package."

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Comments (26)

  • Leaston Subramany
    Well let's revise...it was clear that Vettel on the ultasoft was not as fast as Hamilton on the softs. Now even without the right strategy Vettel was nvr going to win. He simply didnt believe he could win and he didnt trust his team. All this because Mercedes are putting pressure on Ferrari. Also it looks like Ferrari are now being out developed by Mercedes
  • Scott Furlong
    Boohoo Seb needs a nappy change. I thought (according to the red car fans) that Lewis always cries like a baby if he can’t get his own way Seb’s got no one to blame but himself. He’s not getting the most out of his car and Ferrari’s tactics are a joke. But diva Lewis blames everyone but himself if he can’t win. Grow up cry boy. Go Lewis #44
  • Shiela Belen Punzalan
    Sebastian never put his team on the spotlight since joining them until today..Ferrari is a joke..whatever mistakes Seb did this season should have been countered by a good strategy by his team..oh well..nothing much can be said about it..try again next year..
  • Matt Walker
    Why is everyone to blame but himself? At least admit it’s just a bad day at the office and don’t blame the team that pays you big money to do a job! Fucking cry baby..
  • Robert Jinx Joiner
    Blame the team , shame on you vettel you had the faster tyres and you still couldn't catch Lewis . Ferrari need to get rid of vettel as he's the one holding them back
  • Steven Miller
    Blew qualifying again, got FIA assistance on the opening lap and couldn't even capitalise on that. Leclerc can't arrive soon enough.
  • Sean Jackson
    Ferrari have the championship winning car but too many error's on vettels behalf and poor strategy have ruined their chances I think for this year.
  • Manuel Razo
    I want to see heads rolling. Obviously the engineering is excluded because they're the only ones who have made a good job.
  • Mark Kovach
    Ferrari throwing the championship away for the second year. Such bad strategy. Vettles mistakes.
  • Bryan Falcon
    Well, Ferrari did blow his strategy apart. Can't really blame him for it
  • Gordon Silvestro
    He may be right but notice nothing is ever his fault!
  • Aidan Millward
    But... But... Lewis cry when he doesn't get his way!
  • Chris Matthews
    Remind me, who actually drives the car???
  • Adnan Curtovic
    Ferrari...the ultimate tacticians.
  • Tristan Dunn
    and the Tifosi call Hamilton a cry baby
  • Wally Baker
    Wow… Is Vettel Whinging Again !
  • Nick Osborn
    It's because kimi can only drive 1 car....
  • Robert DeCastro
    Ferrari is self destructing.
  • Nathan Robinson
    Good, I can't stand that snob
  • Andrea Tirrito

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