Ricciardo frozen out at Red Bull for remainder of season

Friday, 14 september 2018, 07:54 , by Paul Macdonald

Daniel Ricciardo is facing up to being frozen out of Red Bull team meeting for the remainder of the year, after chief Helmut Marko confirmed that all 2019 planning must take place without him for 'fear of him taking things with him to Renault'.

After months of speculation Ricciardo decided to leave Red Bull and sign a two-year deal with Renault starting next year, despite his current employers being keen to retain him alongside Max Verstappen. 

The Aussie had grown tired of playing second fiddle to Verstappen, however, and has set out on his own as Renault show their ambition. 

Red Bull are taking absolutely no chances when it comes to car design and strategies for 2019, however, as Marko stated that Ricciardo will be forced to sit out any and all team meetings pertaining to 2019 between now and the end of the season.

He told German publication Bild: "From Singapore, Daniel is excluded from any meetings that concern the future.

"We are already working in the direction of 2019 and do not want him to take anything to Renault.

"Daniel will finish the season with us. He will get all the information in Singapore because it could be our last chance of winning this year."



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Comments (30)

  • William S. Gatlos Jr
    It doesn't seem like as big of a deal is this page is making it out to be! You don't want to give a future rival driver any of your information even though he is still driving for your team. This makes complete sense. why the big hubbub?
  • Mario Rodriguez Fernandez
    Normal. But bad management, I'm sure you can said privately to Riciardo. Look you can't assist to these meetings, but you must assist to these others. Without any involvement of the press
  • Mike Koroleff
    not harsh, just typical.... I will be glad when he leaves so I have no conflict over not supporting these twats anymore... An aussie, in an underdog team.... thats what we love
  • Steven Miller
    He's leaving and not in title contention, standard procedure to not give an outvoing driver sensitive info that could apply to 2019.
  • Larry Gurthet
    Just more F1 bullshit these people take themselves way to seriously. And I’m sure Daniel won’t miss his bratty ex teammate
  • Kelvin Wan
    Is normal even in working life, and working with high classify stuff you will get pay leave within 24hr while serve notice
  • Brian Buenger
    Redbull is by far the biggest BS team out there....always bitching and now treating their drivers like s**t.
  • Chris Matthews
    Fair enough, he isn't one of their drivers next year so why include him in any development?
  • Laurence Barnes
    Fair enough, or what, you want to pack him full of details so he can use against them next year!
  • Richard Adams
    Just spend the rest of the season blocking the little Dutch wanker
  • Hank Siarczynski
    As Christian dubbed him a couple of weeks ago: the Renault representative.
  • Paul Albin
    I'm sure he's all broken up about not having to attend extra meetings.
  • Gary McMillan
    Seems to be standard when you are leaving for another team
  • Gordon Assur
    Pretty standard once you announce you’re going! Total non news!
  • Robert Jinx Joiner
    If that's the way redbull act then they might as well swap drivers
  • Mark Kovach
    Don’t see why this is even a story
  • Andre Schultz
    We need more teams or more cars per team.
  • David C Findlow
    Paid and gets to do less work, sounds sweet
  • Garnet Vitnell
    Take their money and tell them to get fucked
  • Rebekah Perkins
    Taylor Pope fuck I’m glad he is going

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