VIDEO: Raikkonen on frosty form over Ferrari exit and Sauber move

Thursday, 13 september 2018, 08:35 , by Matthew Scott

Maybe Kimi Raikkonen hopes a move to Sauber will mean less media duties. If he carries on like this, he doesn't stand a chance! The Iceman was in typically frosty form in front of the press ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, with some zingers thrown in for good measure.

Why move to Sauber? "Why not?"

Do you still have a passion for racing? "I’m going to spend two years there just not being happy."

It's certainly a unique style of addressing the media, and it's won Raikkonen fans all over the world.

Surely, we can all agree that having the veteran in F1 for another couple of years is only a good thing.

Lewis Hamilton probably agrees, just check the reigning world champion trying to contain himself through another round of Classic Kimi…

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