We are down to three engines - FIA President

Wednesday, 06 december 2017, 05:36

FIA President Jean Todt has confirmed that, despite plenty of arguments against the idea, Formula One will go ahead with the proposed plans to limit the number of engines allowed for teams during a season to three, even if this will result in an increase in grid penalties.

The plans are set to be put in place for the start of the 2018 season in March, but there have been plenty of critics of the idea. Red Bull boss Christian Horner has been outspoken against the plans, even calling them "barking mad" earlier this year.

However, Todt has assured that the three-engine limit will stand unless every single team is opposed.

"It is something that was decided," explained Todt. "Some people are still thinking, why don't we have one engine for the whole championship?

"It is not something that is new. It was decided years ago for 2018.

"We had some meetings with teams and the way the regulations are made and the governance are made, to decide now to go back to four engines, or let's go back, we need to be in 100% agreement.

"And we don't get 100% agreement, so we are down to three engines."

Todt confessed that the main reason for the new limit was that the previous rules were making it far too expensive for teams to constantly replace engine parts, which meant that smaller teams could not compete financially and in car performance.

"I don't feel it is easy to find the right solution," he continued.

"If you don't do anything - it will be more expensive to buy the engines.

"For the FIA to decide that you don't have limited amount of engines, it won't be a problem, but it would be a problem for the competitors."

The FIA president has previously lamented the number of grid penalties which were being given to drivers, but Horner has insisted that the new engine rules will only lead to a lot more fines.

"There will be plenty of grid penalties next year and what you would hate to have is a championship decided on grid penalties," said the Red Bull boss.

"We are getting to the point where with 21 races for three engines - it is nuts really."

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  • Bryn Hadfield
    What if there was an engine manufacturers championship? So instead of unfairly costing drivers with grid penalties you deduct points for any car over the 3 engine threshold. By doing this it would be costing an engine manufacturer a cash prize if they perform poorly! How stupid is it when a driver get's in the top 3 in quali to then start at the back of the grid because of and engine or gearbox swap when most of the time your not even the team that designed and manufactured the engine.
  • Peter Dryden
    Either one of 2 things will happen. The teams will turn down the engine power to make them last longer which defeats the purpose of this season having faster cars or all teams will blow their allocation of 3 engines & have to pay an engine penalty for every additional engine which defeats the purpose of saving money which the FIA say they are trying to achieve. If Liberty Media & the FIA want to run a motor sport on a budget then tell them to invest in banger racing & leave F1 alone.
  • Mihai Alex
    F1 endurance series . It's completely against what F1 stands for to shift the focus towards reliability rather than speed. I mean these engines run near their maximum capacity for the most part of approx 2 hrs and you expect 3 engines to last for 21 races? That s just stupid . Welcome to the Grid Penalties world championship. Either that or cars racing at 200 kph to preserve the engine . Pathetic, fucking dumb americans ruining F1
  • Stuart Williamson
    they should deduct points from the constructors championship if they break the 3 engine rule. not penalise the drivers. they could even introduce a engine manufacturers championship alongside the drivers and constructors. deduct points from the engine championship instead of all these ridiculous time and grid pens
  • Dave Rich
    Make engine manufacturers cap their spend. Audit their books. Fine the crap out of them for cheating. Open up the technical regs. They can spend it on whatever they think will give them an advantage but can only spend X on R&D and Y on production per unit. Cap the cost to the teams where there is some profit to be had.
  • Robert J. Dick
    I am all in favor of the halo, 3 engines, 3 transmissions AND additionally, 3 sets of tires, per year. Upon using a 4th of anything, exclusion from the championship, saving the teams millions in expenses. These minor adustments to the racing experience will ensure long and lasting love from the 3 fans left. Do it.
  • Rhona Adams
    Bloody ridiculous. Been following F1 since the 70s, and I have to say that they've wrecked it. So now along with "Save the tyres" and "Save the brakes", it'll now be "Save the engine." Well as far as I'm concerned they can sod right off. And I'm being polite.
  • Robert J. Dick
    I am all in favor of the halo, 3 engines, 3 transmissions AND additionally, 3 sets of tires, per year. Upon using a 4th of anything, a 45 spot penalty per violation. These minor adustments to the racing experience will ensure long and lasting love from the 3 fans left. Do it.
  • Gordon Assur
    Ironically it’s cheaper to engineer 10 crap engines that have to last you two races each than it is to engineer 3 engines that have to last you 7 races each. It’s going to be shit, drivers coasting to protect engines and grid penalties galore. Well done, you’ve ruined F1!
  • Jamie Denning
    3 engines for a whole season!? their having a laugh arent they? no way any team will have 3 engines survive 6+ races each. the engines go under so much stress as it is and insanely high heat is generated from them. this will make a mess of it. hope they dont go ahead with it...
  • Sr?an Gavrilov
    They are idiots.Instead of raising looks like Formula loosing more and more fans just because new owners doesn't want to invest in Formula.What the fuck then they were taking ownership from Bernie?"Halo"protection,three engines during season....what's next?Less teams in Formula???
  • Ahamed Rafiq
    Yep...Take off all the high speed straights...Restrict the twisted sections to one...Reduce the speed...Improve engine reliablilty... Reduce the number of teams...drivers ..audience..And finally let Ross brawn and Jean todt race each other..
  • Tim Joyce
  • Robin DaSilva
    At the end of the day, this is what all the teams voted for & agreed upon at the strategy meetings. They have no one to blame but themselves for this rule. It can be changed, but all the teams have to agree to change it.
  • Dean Williams
    Just don’t see how that’s going to work. Your just going to get everybody earning penalties all the time. And that’s not how you create racing there relying on penalties to make good racing.
  • Joseph Waters
    What a load of fucking bullshit....I'd just break this rule every race then go all out after multiple penalties and probably still win while everyone's conserving! Problem solved
  • Rifais Moidu Rifais
    I stopped watching F1 when you killed the engine and beautiful sound for which F1 was known for. There are many other racing sport other than F1 which is now i consider the last for a racing sport.
  • David Raw
    It’s like expecting a 18 year old girl to still be as tight as a tiger when she spend 21 days over 6 months for 2 hours each with romelu Lukarku. It’s just unreasonable and F1 for me - is over.
  • Zac Raby
    F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of the sport. It’s pay to play. They should have the best of everything at every race, period. These limitations may help the smaller teams, but they dilute the sport
  • Matthew Dillon
    If they are trying to reduce cost they should make the engines less complicated and cheaper to produce not limit the number to 3 this will just cause grid penalties
  • Georgie McGlinchey
    How will it limit costs because you still need to replace the engine just incur a penalty? Unless you stop the teams competing once they've used up the 3 engines
  • Aerrik Hovden
    And the top speed around Spa Francorchamps is... 35mph, that's good enough for Ericsson to qualify P1! Hamilton later said wolf limited him to 30 on Kimmel
  • Werner Bosman
    I feel then smaller teams should not be in F1. This is what is F1 all about. Best of the best and if u dont have the budget then u must join another championship...
  • Nick White
    They aren’t listening to the fans and will have and have had a massive drop in gp attendances in 2017, the noise added to the excitement and the mystique of F1
  • Derek Sproule
    I can just see it now. After the first lap you'll hear "box box box, issue wth the engine or some other excuse" and cars will be parked. Racing at its finest!
  • Andy Hall
    Well may aswell not bother watching next season The amount of penalties and tired engines is going to make the entire season pointless
  • Donovan Dalton
    Stop watching F1 about 3 years ago..a sport that has come and gone.. if the make it a driver's car and a engine that is pure power
  • Mairo Lille
    Reliability will be playing huge role in both WDC and WCC then, shame. Ferrari and Renault need to get their reliability sorted out asap.
  • Bryan Falcon
    Your grid penalties are a fucking joke. It's no more F1 Racing. It's now F1 Trying-To-Survive-Grid-Penalties. You guys are fucking retards.
  • John Kofiotis
    The highlight of an f1 race is to watch the 2 seater v10 minardi go around. Bring back natural aspirated v10. Imbeciles, you’ve ruined f1
  • Kakha Khmelidze
    Go to one-engine as stock cars. Since we already have eye-candy step--ins avove driver heads, that shouldn't be a big deal.
  • Schiavo Di Cristo
    and we are up in grid penalties, and drivers must drive slow to avoid possible engines problems... is that racing?
  • Luke Fidler
    So races are now determined by who doesn't have a penalty that week or who pushes their engine to 50% instead of 40%. Great.
  • Shahrulilahi Erolf
    They know how to do it...it will make manufacturer to be more creative and squeeze more odea towards their machine
  • Cameron Smith
    How about cheap loud simple V8 engines instead of these hybrid espresso machine sounding computers with a driver
  • Casey Ladd
    Go back to the old days. As many motors as they want, open testing. This is hurting the sport because teams can’t catch up.
  • Michael Obitz
    Phillip Bro-larsen, Daniel Molin, Sebastian Qvist - Spændende hvordan holdene vil håndtere det.
  • Ahamed Rafiq
    And also please restrict the speed limits to 200 kph....with a ban on overtaking... Screwed up F1.... I quit.
  • Alan Cambre
    Why not have 3 24hr endurance races a year? Or spec engine for F1? How are teams to develop and compete?
  • Nigel Pogson
    That will just mean more penalties! Pointless exercise unless durability is improved which it won't be.
  • Stephen Staker
    Poor Mechanics/Pit crew will have an increased workload next season . Due to only 3 Engines .
  • Paul Kearney
    F1 is fucked man, its a has been sport like football far to conditioned to line the upper echelons pockets.
  • Rodney Lees
    Start the year put 10 engines in get a 20 spot penalty then start your real season after Melbourne?
  • Manoj Kumar
    Why even 3 engines make it 1 engine for full season... And then u would have tortoise races...
  • Manoj Kumar
    Why even 3 engines make it 1 engine for full season... And then u would have tortoise races...
  • Christian Braun
    This remember me of supercars parking in London and paying fines. If you have money, you pay.
  • Michael Swales
    Yes the fucking yanks have arrived when are the ovals coming for boring as bat shit parades not racing.
  • Tod McDade
    Thats stupid. A race team should be able too use 3 a weekend if they choose or believe they should.
  • Ewan Dalrymple
    Never mind the engines. They’ll be lucky to have 3 fans at this rate
  • Karl Little
    Rubbish! I have stopped watching it as it's on pay tv in Australia! Too expensive!

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