Nico Rosberg: One year without Formula 1

Monday, 04 december 2017, 05:01 , by Matthew Scott

It was one year ago last weekend that Nico Rosberg announced his departure from Formula One five days after winning the world championship, deciding to retire from the F1 world. The former driver of Mercedes and Williams decided to pursue a fresh challenge.

Rosberg was a regular visitor to Grand Prix races this season, but fought away the desire to climb behind the wheel once again. He made his comeback on the grid as an analyst for Sky Sports during the Japan GP n in early October. Away from punditry commitments, he has started a travel vlog where he documents his travels all around the world.

Rosberg made his debut in Formula One on behalf of Williams in 2006. In the ten years that he was active in the highest class of motorsport, Rosberg won 23 races, and is the son of Keke Rosberg who became world champion in 1982.


The BBC made a documentary about the life of Nico Rosberg after Formula 1. In it, he says that tennis is one of his biggest passions besides racing and this year finally fulfilled a dream of going to Wimbledon. We also see him with four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome cycling on the Formula 1 course in Monte Carlo. In conversation with Froome Rosberg tells, among other things, that he lost one kilo of leg muscle to become world champion.

View the interesting documentary below.


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