Who is Daniel Ricciardo dating?

Wednesday, 13 juny 2018, 06:01 , by Martin Macdonald

Daniel Ricciardo has always been notoriously tight-lipped on his private life and on relationships in particular, but according to a new report in The Daily Mail he has secretly been romancing a Red Bull associate named Annemarie Horbass, a German who works with an event organiser associated with the drinks manufacturer.

News of the relationship gained traction after the pair were spotted celebrating together following Ricciardo's sensational win at the Monaco Grand Prix last month, partying in the same nightclub and sitting next to each other among Red Bull colleagues on a yacht.

A source close to the Australian commented on the relationship rumours, saying it was “Nothing too serious just yet”.

Horbass works in event management for Eventureline, a German media company which is utilised by Red Bull for various events throughout the F1 calendar.

She is reportedly the first woman Ricciardo has dated following his split from his childhood sweetheart, Jemma Boskovich, in 2016, which was blamed on the rigours of his F1 schedule.

The Red Bull driver has always been careful when talking about his private life, and became embroiled in an awkward conversation on Australian radio with regards to his break-up with Boskovich.

Kyla Sandilands, the host of the show, said: "Daniel’s with his high school sweetheart. He’s not like the rest of these F1 drivers who are banging Rihanna and Pussycat Dolls. He’s a decent bloke. He’s with the same bird since he’s been at school.

“Whether he regrets it or not, I don’t know. But what a gentleman. Because most guys would get famous — world fame like this, being an F1 driver that’s nothing to sneeze at — and see all his mates taking off with superstars, and then he’s got to go home and mow the lawn like any other Aussie. Is that right, Daniel?”

Ricciardo responded saying the questioning was awkward, and when asked by the co-host Jackie O whether he had split up with his girlfriend, he said: “It’s all good,” Ricciardo said. “Next subject.”

The line of questioning clearly rubbed Ricciardo up the wrong way, as he claimed he would likely not do such an interview again.

“I’m probably never going to do an interview with those guys ever again," he admitted.

“I am single, but yeah, details and all that... it’s not new, by the way, not new news.”

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