Hamilton: F1 cheating drivers and fans

Monday, 11 juny 2018, 05:21 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1 is running the risk of "cheating" fans and rivers of true action with the stringent engine regulations in place. Hamilton finished fifth at last weekend's Canadian Grand Prix after reliability fears forced Mercedes to shelve a planned power unit upgrade.

Hamilton and team-mate Valtteri Bottas' engines already had almost 2,000km on the clock just in race trim before the start of Sunday's grand prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Ferrari and Renault brought new engines to Montreal, putting the Scuderia and Red Bull at an advantage over the Silver Arrows.

Bottas was unable to keep pace with Sebastian Vettel and finished second, while Hamilton lost top spot in the drivers' standings to the German after having to manage his worn power unit behind Daniel Ricciardo.

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Although Ricciardo also gained on Hamilton in the standings, an engine failure in China earlier this season guarantees he will face engine penalties later in the year, which will likely put paid to any title bid.

"The sport is going in the wrong direction in my opinion. I have so many different opinions about it," Hamilton said. 

"They need to change these fricking engines, they say they want to save costs and then they spend more to produce it.

"I hope they don't go to two engines next year because it's just going to get ridiculous. It was definitely a bit more fun when you had more engines I would say.

"The fact that a season could sway through reliability, I don't think anyone wants to say that. I don't think anyone wants to be cheated of that. You want actual true performance."

Despite Hamilton having to manage is engine in Canada, it will now leave his pool with a fresh PU brought in for all Mercedes cars in France next time out.

Neither Mercedes driver, or Force India and Williams, had to alter any engine parts over the first part of the season, incredible reliability which Hamilton believes could be crucial in the title race.

"There is no reason to lose control, we just keep doing what we're doing, keep our heads down, keep motivated and keep pushing because they will falter," Hamilton told Sky Sports.

"We have to keep applying the pressure. We didn't this weekend, but I'm really going to make sure I come back stronger in the next race.

"Ferrari ultimately have had a slightly better package. All round they've been doing a slightly better job so we've got to do more."

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Comments (23)

  • Rick Wilson
    I agree. The engine regs are ridiculous. These aren’t ‘95 Honda Civics! The point should not be to see how many miles you can get on one engine. F1 has regulated itself into one stratospherically expensive snooze-fest.
  • Stuart Jones
    Lewis lacks character I’d love to see how how would go in a lower ranked team. He is only happy and successful when he has far superior equipment. Strange that you don’t hear Botas complaining!
  • Mike Wolert
    I think Lewis is a twat but I agree with him on this one. To have 3 power units for 21 race weekends is ridiculous. I miss the days when they would run 1 lap hand grenade engines in quali...
  • David William Brown
    So tired of this sore loser. If he’s not whining on the radio when he’s not leading, he’s complaining when the race is over and he hasn’t won. How anyone is a fan of his is beyond me.
  • Neil James Anderson
    Sour grapes he forgets his engine when he gets it will have less miles on it further down the line so he can stop is pissy fits. It's his own tough shite mercmade a balls up hahahahaha
  • Eric Matthews
    I agree, there really nursing the cars and that's why u see drivers back off rather crack down some fast laps catch and pass another driver
  • Steven Miller
    Telling it like it is as always, if Vettel or Ricciardo had the balls to say it everyone would be creaming themselves in agreement.
  • Joey Bridges
    Why, because he isn't winning every race ?? Time for he and Toto to dine on a dose of competitive reality. Damn, what a bitch.
  • Jonathan Carre
    It's swings and roundabouts. They'll have a power advantage when they bring new units to a race and the other teams don't.
  • Allan Brown
    Hard to take when your chasing and not catching! Sorry Lewis that you can’t be at the front all the time.
  • Dee Paterson
    It's the same for everybody though, would he be saying this if he had won, seriously doubt it.
  • Rab Ferrier
    Funny how whenever hes not on the podium theres always "engine trouble" then he moans about everything else
  • Henk Poolen
    If he wins its al great and if he loose its always somthing with te car
  • Kayleigh Johns
    Well they were allowed a new engine but it wasn't ready
  • David Rosenheim
    Cheating has always been part of F1 - and most sports.
  • Joshua Hege
    Sure complains a lot when he is not in first place.
  • Jody Harrison
    Aww he didnt win.... poor guy. Hope the crying makes him feel better.
  • Tony Beaumont
    Slowly, he is losing it !!
  • Simon Dean
    Hamilton really doesn't like not winning.
  • Stan Reedy
    Yes I agree this if F1

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