VIDEO: F1 presenters don't recognise Arsenal star Bellerin

Sunday, 10 juny 2018, 15:21 , by Matthew Scott

Premier League star Hector Bellerin probably isn't used to living an inconspicuous life, but a trip to the Canadian Grand Prix saw him blend perfectly into the background - in the eyes of Sky Sports' presenting team at least. Ted Kravitz referred to Bellerin solely as a "hipster", while former F1 driver Martin Brundle shrugged him aside completely to talk to supermodel Winnie Harlow.

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  • Pawe? K?ku?
    Good to know that there's at least one place in the world where all these football "stars" aren't seen as demigods!
  • Mambo Zimuto
    Prayer Mazhata i saw this moment ndikangoti this reporter ka
  • Alween Lopez
    Who gives a Fucking Fuck.

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