F1 TV stalls as Liberty forced to refund angry viewers

Sunday, 13 may 2018, 04:57 , by Matthew Scott

Liberty Media was left red-faced after being forced to issue a refund to customers of their new F1 TV Pro streaming service, after it ran into trouble during the Spanish Grand Prix. Viewers will be refunded two weeks' worth of their subscription after feeds failed to load during Saturday's qualifying session.

Fans were quick to take to social media on Saturday, sharing their frustration as the app would not load, while F1's customer service was also in for criticism.

Liberty had trumpeted their over-the-top service last year as a way of revolutionising F1 coverage in 2018, although the launch date was moved back from the start of the season to this weekend's race in Spain.

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However, it soon became evident that the kinks had not been ironed out, with some reporting issues during Friday practice before a bigger wave of viewers for Saturday's qualifying led to the service crashing in locations across the globe.

In a message sent to subscribers affected, F1 conceded that the problems would not be fixed in time for the race, prompting them to refund customers for the race in Barcelona.

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Comments (17)

  • Flanagan J-b Nick
    1 no free to air coverage 2 took the iconic grid girls away witch the girls never cared about how less they were wearing simply because of respect for them 3 you yanks are f...ing with the sport
  • Troy Botting
    There is no coverage in Australia on free to air TV. Even the new F1 live feed is not available. Between these issues and the new Liberty idea's I'm very close to moving on from following F1!
  • Rick Wilson
    I’m “this close” to bailing on F1. And I’ve watched on TV since 1993. The races are for the most part boring. And this new broadcast team is just not good. I’ve NEVER liked Martin Bungle.
  • Brendan Huff
    Despite what Frank Arthofer saying that the F1 app would have “best-in-class content security” it is very easy to sign up to the live races via Germany with a simple VPN connection from anywhere in the world!
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    Here in Latln America, it was imposible to watch more than 1 min without interruptions. Yesterday they sent a mail apologizing and granting a compensation.
  • Amy Mantia-Johnson
    Oh boyzee.... Was hoping this would be a MotoGP level experience. Sounding like not so much....
  • Scott Martino
    It was bound to have problems since it didn't launch until well into the season.
  • Jose Antonio Corrales Vidal
    In Spain, no free and very expensive, thank you, Movistar.
  • David Archer
    All the Australian viewers were ripped off, again
  • Oliver E. Newman
    It jumped to tennis broadcast here in sunny South Africa
  • Laz Till
    Grid girls know IT guys .... lol
  • Szymon Siesicki
    For starters its not available in Poland ;)
  • Tarun Bhusri
    Arun Bhusri
  • Sue Patey
    Will Patey
  • Federico Tombolini
    Formula 1 for free on TV!!!
  • Chris Rhodes
    Was a pain in the arse.

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