'Vettel is simply broken'

Sunday, 03 february 2019, 08:24 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel is "simply broken" and is likely to be a casualty as the new generation of Formula 1 stars take over, led by his new Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc. That is the view of racing driver and F1 pundit Tom Coronel, who believes Vettel will struggle to mount a comeback after falling short of Lewis Hamilton again in 2018.

Errors from Vettel and Ferrari contrived to throw away a pace advantage over Mercedes in the middle part of last season, allowing Lewis Hamilton to pip the German in the race between them to five world titles.

Pressure is mounting on Vettel, who spoke often during 2018 of his desire to see Kimi Raikkonen retained by the Scuderia.

Vettel largely had the measure of the Finn over four years together, but it remains to be seen if Leclerc will be as compliant as Raikkonen occasionally was.

"This is now a period in which the new generation will rise", Coronel told Formule 1

"Vettel lost the World Championship again last year and is simply broken, I'm sure he will not be able to overcome this and I hope Ferrari will give both drivers the freedom to race.

"What Leclerc showed last season was just pure class, and he scored points with 'a bite' regularly.

"Sauber of course drove a Ferrari engine and Leclerc has been able to take advantage of that."

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Comments (44)

  • Joseph Dominianni
    Competition gonna be tougher this year. If crash Max has a good Honda car, and Bottas with something to prove, lecrerc wanting to make a statement, and don’t forget Kimi, hopefully we have some passing with new regulations, I do feel he lost the last 2 seasons himself. Say what you will about the team, he lost it mentally. It was really just him and Hamilton for the last 2 years. Either way, I CANT WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  • Shoki Kaneda
    This is specious nonsense and as absurd as "experts" who cannot predict weather seven days in advance telling us what the climate will be in thirty years. If Mercedes produce a good car, Hamilton is still the favorite. Does that mean Vettel and Ferrari have no chance? Of course, not. Mr. Coronel is simply projecting his own weakness and assuming Vettel would react as Coronel would.
  • Szymon Siesicki
    I would be cautious with such statements. The season did not even start. We will have to wait and see how it plays out. If he drives well and the car will be good he always has chances. He just can't make so many mistakes as he did last season, especially small and stupid ones that cost him points.
  • Nessa C Ruelas
    Go Sebastian! Some critics are just envious & plain talking out of their ass. If anything, last year should make Vettel want the title even more & hopefully there won’t be anymore stupid strategic calls from Ferrari. Last year’s mess up was everyone’s fault. True team effort on the f* ck up!
  • Aaron Noone
    I think he still has a chance. Theres so much going on behind the scenes at Ferrari that it leaks over to the drivers. Last year he was ttrying to hard in the team rather then behind the wheel.
  • Lia Loyz
    I think it's the social media that's trying too hard to break Vettel... What's all this constant criticism all about? Am a LH fan but this is just too much. Vettel will come back firing come March
  • Eathan Haywood-Weeb
    He's no stranger to a shit season. 2014 was probably his worst season, yet he came back to win 3 times in 2015 with Ferrari. He'll be reset and ready to fight once more come March.
  • Tony Tackore
    no ferrari let him down the multiple management changes the car the wanting to quit the sport the assault on the drivers and team pricipels its got to be hard on a driver
  • Adrian Fielder
    Having kids does change your behaviour to risk and let’s face its a lot safer these days but with Jules still fresh in the mind it is bound to affect a father more
  • Sarah Lettice Jackson
    I don’t know about ‘broken’ but it’s going to be an interesting season, especially loooking forward to seeing how LeClerc settles in next to Vettel...
  • Mark Hornsby
    Laying it on a bit thick there, isn't he? Still smarting about his own illustrious F1 career stretching to a single test with Arrows?
  • Murli Rudiyatno
    Vettel is not broken... yet, LeCrec still has to prove that he’s good enough for Ferrari the team that made so much mess in the last decade.
  • Kevin Dowson
    What a stupid article. Writing off someone before the new season has begun. I'm no Vettel fan but give the guy a break.
  • Kevin Dowson
    What a stupid article. Writing off someone before the new season has begun. I'm no Vettel fan but give the guy a break.
  • Jack Quinn
    Lol put him in that Mercedes from last year put Hamilton In the Ferrari see how broken he is
  • Damian Budzik
    How do they he's broken? nothing even started yet, are you mind readers? Wtf?
  • Laurence Barnes
    I'm not a Seb fan, or a Hamilton fan but, will u just leave him the fuck alone, jeez!
  • Firas Helou
    What's the point from sharing this article on 2 pages ! Formula 1 Fanpage
  • Mario Jantjies
    This post is from a anti Vettel. Vettel will come back stronger!
  • Bob Wheeler
    I call bovine scatology. This bozo writes like a fanboy!

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