Hamilton, Bottas team orders won't come from Wolff

Saturday, 13 october 2018, 04:53 , by Matthew Scott

Toto Wolff says he will not be involved in any Mercedes decisions to impose team orders on Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton in the last four races of 2018. Wolff took responsibility for the decision to swap the drivers in Russia recently, but says future orders will come from chief strategist James Vowles.

Team orders were not required in Japan last time out as Hamilton ed a dominant one-two from Bottas, but the memory of Sochi was still fresh in the memory in Suzuka.

Wolff said that his chatter over team radio led to Hamilton being pitted late in Russia, helping Sebastian Vettel jump him, and said that Vowles made an order for "quiet on the radio" in Jpaane, adding: "He means me, I guess."

The Austrian said: "So when our plane flies in qualifying and in the race, James flies the airplane and all I can do is comment and give him feedback and input but ultimately it's his decision what to do.

"He's in command at that moment even though from my ranking I'm higher up. But I will not interfere. It is his call in the end."

Wolff added: "There is the race support room back in Brackley that is engaged, and we have all the clever guys there.

"So I'm having my special button with James Allison where we're offloading all the crap and vice versa, just not to offload it onto the guys that are actually flying the plane.

"Unless I am 100% convinced that he's not spotted something, which is when I will give him the input, I will not interfere with the final decision."

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  • Robert Emil
    Unless Hamilton is out during the next race, it's impossible to change anything. The championship is pretty much won and Bottas can't catch up, so of course he can say this...
  • Edwin Gill
    Well he doesn't have to now I'm sure Bottas knows where his place is. Bottas knows that Hamilton has more points so when he gets radio message he knows his cue.
  • Bryan Falcon
    If it's not a team order, it's going to be this: "Valtteri, please take Seb out in the race." "Copy."
  • Ashley Hayward
    No, but you'd better believe he'll tell somebody else to give them.
  • Gabriel Spacca
    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh. He’s serious.
  • Malik Qaiser
    Wonder oF the Year
  • Mark Kovach
    The championship is over. Ferrari blew it, again
  • Coenraad De Beer
    He will let someone else give the team orders
  • Jess Jewett
    A crash at COTA would change that
  • Wendy Jenkins
    Just be quiet now. ...honestly!
  • Michael Lightburn
    thats only because Hamilton has the championship
  • ??????? ???????

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