VIDEO: Hamilton refuses post-race interview

Sunday, 08 july 2018, 12:38 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton was enraged after missing out on victory at the British Grand Prix and refused to be interviewed in Parc Ferme immediately after the race. Hamilton was tapped into a spin by Kimi Raikkonen at lap one and hit out at Ferrari's "tactics", with blatant connotations of conspiracy behind his words.

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  • Jim McCafferty
    Kimi isn't really talking to Seb - Seb has been giving him a wide berth since the announcement he's leaving the team. No team orders - Kimi didn't move over last week - Seb didn't whinge. So not really the basis of a Ferrari team strategy to take Lewis out. He didn't see the footage when he got out of the car. Kimi was to blame but he did lock up. Why was Kimi was duelling with Lewis in the first place? Because Lewis had a bad start. Lewis sounded OK in the car and managed to get an impressive second out of it, damage limitation. It was not an emotive situation that merited stomping off. Do the contractual obligations, perhaps have a chat with Kimi (OK, good luck with that) and put on a smile for the crowd. Toto will no doubt have a few words to say.
  • Grania Richardson
    Smart move on his part it gave him time to calm down and be ready for the podium he did not break the bloody law for gods sake he just felt cheated by Raikkonen and rightly so and did not want to speak to anyone at that moment !!!!!! if that is a crime well I’m sorry BUT it isn’t so leave the Guy who came from last place to second place alone and instead of berating him congratulate him on a superb drive in front of his home crowd TeamLHforever
  • Neil James Anderson
    Fucking twatt spitting out his dummy shows his true colours and that his previous championships were because of the car not the driving skills. He has had his time in the sport l. THIS IS HOW NOT TO ACT KIDS!!!!! Like a spoilt little brat I think daddy Hamilton needs to put this wee bell end in a time out hahahahahaha. He has to remember he's supposed to act like a grown up and show the younger generations his maturity instead he pisses and moans when he doesn't win and has to blame everyone else. If that had been the other way around Merc and this wee dick head would be chanting everything was fine blah blah blah.
  • Jeff Larsen
    Shamiltons fanboiz are every bit the petulant children as he is. Vettel smoked everybody off the line. The race was over at that almost certainly. Ferrari was almost a second ahead throughout all.of practice on the long runs. Shammy laid down a epic pole lap for sure. But the races are won on Sunday. Ferrari had the fastest RACE car. Where the points are given is what matters. Quit being sore losers and get on with it The season has been great so far. Way better then watching the Mercedes roll year after year with zero competition until the last couple of years.
  • ????????? ????????
    It's always good when you're in the lead and winning, right Lewis? Too bad in moments like this people show their true colors. I don't remember Vettel doing that last year when he lost the championship in Singapore and then Japan. What did Hamilton really lose here? 7 points? He always points fingers when things aren't going his way. Always someone else's fault. Don't mind his atrocious start which got him in that position to begin with. He has only himself to blaim. Great driver, sore loser.
  • Kevin Broderick
    Its company philosophy. Just listen to Toto after the race. He wasn't singing this tune when other teams are taking out other teams. Now the field has equalized and his little arrows can't run away and hide. They have to race through the same as everyone else. But when they get bumped and spun, it's either a vendetta or incompetence! SMH
  • Chris Williams
    He got done over by a blatant hit by Kimi. There is no question. Ferrari have hit a Merc twice in 3 races. No way is it by accident. They know what they are doing and they are getting away with it. They can only win by removing their only competition. Ferrari are a disgrace. Lewis was spot on walking off. He would have won had Kimi not hit him.
  • Alex M. MacNicol IV
    Racing is racing. No one is perfect and every driver has emotions. While I am Vettal fan, I respect Hamilton and his skills. His refusing to do an interview after a tough race is fine with me. Better to be silent when up set than run your mouth like Brad K from NASCAR and make threats that jeopardize the sports integrity.
  • Marc Walpole
    What happened today is part n parcel of racing... If I were Lewis i wouldn’t wanna talk to anyone after the race either, very easy to say “it’s bad sportsmanship” bla bla bla put yourself in the car then see how you feel! Great come back from Lewis today and well done to Seb for the win.
  • Victoria Linter
    Smart! better to cool down and get over the adrenaline than say something stupid in the heat of the moment. Not like he refused to do any interviews at all. It mattered to him to win today and he lost the race at the start. He was clearly disappointed and needed a couple of minutes to sort himself out.
  • Glyn Davies
    I have supported Lewis for years, but his storming off only makes HIM look like a Diva! Professionalism should have been at the forefront of his mind, especially as the fans who were at Silverstone paid good hard earned money to see ALL of the F1 circus!!!! Very disappointed in you Lewis!!! ??
  • Debbie Baskin
    I think he’s a whiney baby. If he doesn’t win, he pouts. If I remember correctly, one of the drivers was fined for refusing to talk to the media! Where’s the fairness??? Fine his baby butt!!! AND the announcers on ESPN need to stop their Hamilton favoritism in their announcements!
  • Kelvin Thomas
    Spoilt brat or logical to calm down after being accidentally spun out by your rivals team mate and curb your emotions. The guys human and can’t be perfect for fans and non fans all the time. He was clearly pissed off and took time to calm himself. Nothing wrong with that
  • Claudia Garcia Lopez
    Hamilton's fan instead of saying that Ferrari cheated just accept that the man cannot win every race. Learn to lose without the absurds conspiracy theories. Vettel's fan will love to see him win every race, so Bottas, Kimi's and so on, but everyone cannot win. Jeez!!
  • Jerry Mascarenhas
    Hamilton is the best F1 driver out there and he proved it after coming 2nd from last. His fans were certainly proud of that. Yes, he would have won by a big margin but fans wouldn't have remembered that. He screwed up when he walked away post race. Needs more maturity.
  • Crispin Hudd
    It's petulance. At any other race it would be deemed totally unacceptable but as it was this race I can understand why he acted like this. After all I don't remember ever seeing him do anything like this before so I would cut him some slack.
  • Laurence Barnes
    What's smart about it, yeah it might not been the best idea having him and Kimi at the same place right after, but he should of done it for the fans, the fans he so often hails, when he wins that is. Spoiled little shit, no class.
  • Jori Sistonen
    Crybaby like always.. Nobody can’t even imagine Kimi crying about all that shit that Ferrari has pulled off with tactics, constant poor luck with technical problems or other drivers ruining his races.. grow up!
  • Stewart Hackman
    Bit of a slap in the face for all those fans who paid silly money to watch the race! Over £150 for a general admission ticket for Sunday is bloody disgusting! The least he could do is see the fans and do his PR bit!
  • Joseph Dominianni

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