VIDEO: Stroll and Hartley in BIG Montreal crash

Sunday, 10 juny 2018, 14:18 , by Matthew Scott

Lance Stroll and Brendon Hartley were involved in a big incident as the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix started with a bang. Home hope Stroll made a fine getaway for Williams, but his race was over when he collided with the Toro Rosso man at turn five.

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Comments (15)

  • Marjorie Brassart
    And now Stroll can watch his home Grand Prix from the comfort of his couch. Poor Hartley lucky he got out of this unharmed.
  • Jamie Paget
    Stroll is useless. There because of money, not talent. He is piss poor and needs to go really.
  • Szymon Siesicki
    Nice one Stroll! It's F1 and not Burnout series. None the less, nice elimination!
  • Ira Downing
    That pass atttempt looked legit to me. The other driver just did not see him.
  • Eduardo Aparicio
    I thought for a moment that Hartley was going to roll over.
  • Adnan Alee Khan
    What the fuck is this...? Are we racing or cruising?
  • Federico Tombolini
    This track is not for children...! ;)
  • Stephen Shotton
    Only interesting thing that happened
  • Kevin Kempf
    Fucking Ferrari why no hyper on kimi?!!!
  • Randy Buster
    The only excitement in the entire race.
  • Dennis Willard
    Why is it NOT on TV???
  • Sally Harris
    Totally Stroll's fault!
  • Spikke Vanderspikken
    And thats all folks
  • Jason Rodger
    Worst TV coverage

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