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F1 2022 season quiz

F1 2022 season quiz

F1 2022 season quiz

F1 2022 season quiz

The 2022 F1 season started off with the promise of a big fight at the front but ended up with a dominant champion as Max Verstappen took control.

There was still plenty of action and drama though, and this is your chance to prove you have been watching carefully.

Try out our 20-question quiz to see if you're a champion [18-20 correct], a podium finisher [15-18 correct answers], a midfield runner [8-14] or a backmarker fighting for scraps.

Answers are at the bottom of the article [and no peaking!]

1. Who won the first race of the season?

A. Max Verstappen B. Sergio Perez C. Charles Leclerc

2. How many former drivers returned to the grid in 2022?

A. 1 B. 2 C. 3

3. Who said over the team radio: "I need new pants after that!”

A. Zhou Guanyu after going sideways at Monaco B. George Russell after coping with the pressure to score his first F1 victory in Sao Paulo C. Sergio Perez after racing with a stomach bug in the United States

4. Nyck De Vries drove in Friday free practice for three different teams during the season - which one of the below did he NOT drive for?

A. Aston Martin B. Williams C. McLaren

5. Five different drivers won races in 2022 – name them all…

Answer is not multiple choice

6. Miami made its F1 debut this season with a purpose-built track around the grounds of what landmark location?

A. Hard Rock Stadium B. American Airlines Arena C. Bayfront Park

7. How many times did Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collide this season?

A. 1 B. 2 C. 3

8. Which of these drivers did NOT call Lewis Hamilton an idiot in 2022?

A. Max Verstappen B. Fernando Alonso C. Carlos Sainz

9. Who won the final sprint race of the year?

A. Carlos Sainz B. George Russell C. Kevin Magnussen

10. What F1 personality’s name is “Oh, I’ll win, mates” an anagram of?

Answer is not multiple choice

11. Haas made a strong start to the season with Kevin Magnussen posting a surprise result in Bahrain. But what position did he finish?

A. Third B. Fourth C. Fifth

12. Max Verstappen completed the most race laps with 1,271 [leading 616 of them] but which driver came next, completing just 18 fewer laps?

A. Sergio Perez B. George Russell C. Lando Norris

13. Which driver secured the most pole positions?

A. Max Verstappen B. Charles Leclerc C. Carlos Sainz

14. How many races returned to the calendar this season?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4

15. Name all four drivers who secured their first F1 pole position in 2022?

Answer is not multiple choice

16. What size diameter wheels did F1 run in 2022?

A. 16 inches B. 18 inches C. 20 inches

17. The FIA began the season by rotating between two race directors after relieving Michael Masi of his duties following the controversy in Abu Dhabi in 2021, but which man ended up as the sole person in charge?

A. Niels Wittich B. Eduardo Freitas C. Herbie Blash

18. Which of these did NOT appear on a Sebastian Vettel special helmet during a race in 2022?

A. A picture of an oil drill and the words “Stop Canada’s climate crime” B. Pictures of his fans and the words “The final lap” C. Black and white ‘bee’ stripes and pictures of bees

19. How many times did Mercedes finish on the podium?

A. 10 B. 14 C. 17

20. How many points finishes did Sebastian Vettel have in his final season?

A. 8 B. 10 C. 12



1. C - Charles Leclerc took the chequered flag in Bahrain as Ferrari came out all-guns-blazing. He not only won the race but completed the clean sweep with pole and fastest lap, too.

2. C - Three drivers made their F1 comebacks with Alexander Albon in at Williams, Kevin Magnussen recalled to Haas to replace Nikita Mazepin, and Nico Hulkenberg doing the first two races for Aston Martin after Sebastian Vettel sustained coronavirus.

3. A - Zhou had time for a joke after nearly collecting the barriers during an overtaking move in Monaco. It was no joking matter for Perez in the US, though, as he did suffer diarrhoea on race-day morning.

4. C - The McLaren was the only Mercedes-powered car that De Vries did not drive in 2022. He drove for Williams in Spain, Mercedes in France and Mexico, and Aston Martin in Italy. McLaren ran Alex Palou in the US and Patricio O’Ward in Abu Dhabi.

5. In order of first victory: Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz and George Russell

6. A - The Miami International Autodrome is an all-new purpose-built temporary circuit around the Hard Rock Stadium in the Miami suburb of Miami Gardens, Florida.

7. A - The pair only collided once this season, having clashed three times during their title battle in 2021 - mainly because Hamilton could get nowhere near Verstappen for much of the year!

8. C - Sainz called the Mercedes driver “cheeky” when the pair fought on track in Abu Dhabi but Verstappen and Alonso were harsher critics. Verstappen called Hamilton “‘a stupid idiot” after a clash in practice in the US while Alonso shouted “What an idiot!” over the radio when the pair collided on the opening lap in Belgium.

9. B - Russell won the sprint after overtaking pole sitter Kevin Magnussen, who had unexpectedly topped the qualifying session thanks to a bit of perfect timing in the rain on the Friday afternoon.

10. This, appropriately, is an anagram of the driver who has achieved most wins in history: Lewis Hamilton. The 2022 season was, however, the first in which he has NOT won a race since he joined the F1 grid in 2007.

11. C - Magnussen finished fifth in the opening race of the season after qualifying seventh. Unfortunately for Haas, that ended up being their best result of the year.

12. C - Lando Norris completed the second-highest number of race laps with 1,253, despite retiring from two races. He crashed out in Miami after 39 of the 57 laps and stopped with gearbox problems in Brazil after 50 of the 71 laps.

13. B - Charles Leclerc topped the list after claiming nine poles, with six in the opening eight events, with Max Verstappen two behind on seven.

14. C - The four races that returned to the calendar were Australia, Canada, Japan and Singapore. Miami was also not on the calendar in 2021 but this was an all-new venue.

15. Sergio Perez [Saudi Arabia], Carlos Sainz [Britain], George Russell [Hungary] and Kevin Magnussen [São Paulo]. The Haas driver was classified as pole-position winner but this just put him at the front for sprint qualifying, during which he dropped back so did not start the actual race from pole.

16. B - The wheel size increased to 18 inches after many years running on 13-inch tyres. The new tyres grew from 660 to 720mm in diameter, but the tread width of 305mm at the front and 405mm at the rear remained the same.

17. A - Wittich was put in sole control from the US race until the end of the season. This followed a review of an incident in Japan, where Freitas was in charge, in which a crane appeared on the circuit while the cars were running.

18. A - Vettel wore all three designs during the season, but he chose not to race in the oil drill helmet. The ‘Final Lap’ design was worn in his very last race in Abu Dhabi, while the bee helmet appeared in Austria.

19. C - Mercedes collected an impressive 17 podium finishes, despite being off the pace for most of the season. George Russell secured eight [one win, one second and six thirds) while Lewis Hamilton took nine [five seconds and four thirds].

20. B - The four-time champion achieved a 50% hit-rate with 10 points finishes from 20 races after missing the opening two events. He bowed out of F1 with 37 points, finishing 12th in the championship.


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