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Horner reveals 'small team' dilemma over rule change

Horner reveals 'small team' dilemma over rule change

Horner reveals 'small team' dilemma over rule change

Horner reveals 'small team' dilemma over rule change

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has claimed it is "too late to re-design a car" for 2023 with any rule change set to hurt smaller teams the most.

The FIA is looking to make a number of changes to the technical regulations for next season in the name of safety to eradicate porpoising.

These include raising the floor edging and underfloor diffuser throat by 25mm.

Horner has publicly disputed the safety reasoning given by the FIA and although such changes would be difficult for Red Bull to manage, he believes those with smaller budgets will be hurt the most.

"I think we just need to follow the normal process," explained Horner. "I didn’t see any issues in France.

"Over the last three or four races we really haven’t seen any issues, so I think that there just needs to be a common-sense solution, not re-writing the rulebook for next year at a point of the year, with budget caps where they are, which is just too late.

"I think it’s actually an even bigger issue for some of the smaller teams that quite simply would not have the resource to be able to react. So, I think whatever measure is taken just needs to be sensible."

Horner - FIA proposal "a completely different set of aerodynamics"

In F1, the smallest change to a wing angle can have a dramatic effect on the overall performance of a car. Therefore, a 25mm change is huge when plotting the airflow.

Asked how important it is for the 'smaller teams' that a resolution is reached quickly, Horner said: "I think they’re even more excited about it than we are.

"I know you are talking to me about it but I think if you spoke to some of the smaller teams they would have a bigger voice about this than me because certain elements are carry-over. It’s too late to re-design a car now for next year.

"If they’re talking about 25mm rises in floor height, that’s a completely different set of aerodynamics."

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