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F1 fans in VISCERAL reaction to Perez Mexico nightmare

F1 fans in VISCERAL reaction to Perez Mexico nightmare

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F1 fans in VISCERAL reaction to Perez Mexico nightmare

F1 fans in VISCERAL reaction to Perez Mexico nightmare

Formula 1 fans have reacted viscerally to Sergio Perez's sudden and dramatic retirement from his home grand prix ont he very first lap, after the Mexican driver clipped Charles Leclerc and flew off the track.

The Mexican Grand Prix, held in Mexico City, is always populated heavily by Perez's many fans in his home country, who were all hoping he would take a challenge to his team-mate Max Verstappen.

But it was not meant to be, as the 33-year-old attempted to make gains through the field in the opening seconds of the race and ended up crashing out almost immediately.

Sergio Perez has a large and dedicated fanbase in Mexico

Emotions appeared to be running high for Perez after his retirement, as he banged his hands on his car in frustration.

And that anger was also felt online, with F1 fans taking to social media to express their disappointment at the incident and, in some cases, air their grievances about Perez himself.

'He can't drive a car to save his life'

On the other hand, some fans called Perez's competency into question over the crash. When commentator David Croft expressed sympathy for Perez, some disagreed with his take on the incident.

One F1 supporter wrote on Twitter: "Sorry Crofty I don’t feel for Sergio Perez bro literally can’t drive a car competently to save his life."

Another suggested that the incident was Perez's fault, writing: "Sergio Perez out of the Mexico gp. Personally I think it was his own fault, he squeezed Leclerc."

Sergio Perez had to retire his car after a lap-one clash

There were some kinder souls, who felt sorry for Perez and upset that he would not be able to compete in his home race.

One wrote: "Heart broken for Sergio Perez. Really wanted him to do well."

Another shared the sentiment, writing: "Feel so bad for Sergio Perez."

Seeing the funny side

Sergio Perez's Mexico race ended on lap one

Other F1 supporters managed to make light of the situation.

Alongside a photograph of the airborne Red Bull, one fan joked: "Sergio Perez forgot that Red Bull gives you wings."

Another supporter wrote: "Sergio Perez f----g it up at home has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen."

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