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Raikkonen ‘magic’ set to grace F1 again?

Raikkonen ‘magic’ set to grace F1 again?

F1 News

Raikkonen ‘magic’ set to grace F1 again?

Raikkonen ‘magic’ set to grace F1 again?

There has been a long tradition in Formula 1 of fathers and sons both competing at the pinnacle of motorsport in differing eras.

Jos and Max Verstappen, Graham and Damon Hill, Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve, Keke and Nico Rosberg – and that's just the world champion pairings!

Many more father-son duos have raced in F1 and Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 drivers' champion, will be hoping that Robin Ace can follow in his footsteps.

The eight-year-old has been winning races in karting and already has online fan clubs set up to track his progress, such is the way for aspiring racing drivers with a famous father in 2023.

Kimi himself was massively popular with fans for his occasionally off-the-wall antics, frequently delivered with a trademark deadpan face and monotone voice.

The time Martin Brundle told him at the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix that he'd missed a presentation to Michael Schumacher by late football legend Pele springs to mind immediately.

"I was taking a s***," remarked the Finn, who said it with a big grin this time – recognising that he was being mischievous – and surely a glint in his eyes which were obscured by sunglasses.

The younger Raikkonen is certainly not swearing yet and his manners and behaviour have been recognised as one of the reasons for the burgeoning racer's popularity.

But Robin Ace is very similar to his dad in that he can go from being in a world of his own, as he sits thinking, to being in a world of his own with his speed on track.

Robin Ace Raikkonen – future F1 driver?

Ferrari employee Gino Rosato, who has spent two decades working with some of the very best drivers in the world for the Scuderia, sees plenty of parallels between young Robin Ace – his godson – and his dad.

"What a day with the Raikkonens," he posted on Instagram. "I felt like I'd seen this before, very quiet, little interaction, always looking a bit lost and disinterested!

"But like his dad, 'Leave me alone', 'Where's the car?' And [then] the magic comes to life, fast. Fast, natural talent, call it what you want!! @f1 here we go!"

The youngster drove 110 laps, underlining the fact he has the same hunger as his dad for racing.

Kimi, now 43, is certainly proud of his son. Unlike when you're doing it for yourself though, a whole lot of worries that you'd never had before – for their safety primarily – start entering your thoughts.

"At least it's not motocross, where you can do more damage," he says, speaking to Spanish outlet Marca. "Sometimes it would definitely be better not to know as much as I do, because then I wouldn't see danger everywhere.

"[He] drives more than I really expected. Sometimes it can be just two laps, and sometimes it might be 50, also. He really likes it. Sure, he wants to drive more often, but sometimes I don't have time," concludes Kimi, with a typical remark.

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