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F1's Netflix documentary 'Drive to Survive' - your reviews

F1's Netflix documentary 'Drive to Survive' - your reviews



F1's Netflix documentary 'Drive to Survive' - your reviews

F1's Netflix documentary 'Drive to Survive' - your reviews

Still torn over whether to give Netflix's documentary covering the 2018 Formula 1 season a whirl? How about listening to some fellow fans for advice. We put a call out for social media followers to review the 10-part series chronicling last year. Here's how the binge-watchers saw it on the day of release.

Omid Mirhosseini: "What a rush! You can feel the stress, the emotion, the passion, the will to perform at the highest level. Well done!"

Sheree Cronwright: "I have a new found respect for some of the teams and drivers trying to survive.... [Romain] Grosjean really irritated me but watching this I have a better understanding. It was well presented with stuff I've never heard about. It was really worth the binge. Can't wait for season 2."

Bill McKelvy: "I enjoyed it. I didn't learn anything new, but then again I did not expect to. I wanted to see if it was something I could recommend to others that might not have been exposed to F1. In this it succeeds. I think keeping the episodes short is a good move. I also like the candour as opposed to the usual white washed interviews that come with race coverage. A great example was Guenther Steiner's call to Gene Haas after the race [in Australia]. You really got a feeling for how hard that call was to make."

Kevin Leakey: "Found it a bit dull, all focus is on all teams except the two you want to see - Mercedes and Ferrari. Missed a trick. No better than the Williams or McLaren docs. No real insight, it was mainly stuff we already know. Good try but if you do a doc on F1 then you need to cover the best teams."

Matt Conway: "The fact that the two title protagonists/teams are in it for a total of approximately 5 seconds is incredibly noticeable; I understand why they don't feature but I still feel more could've been done. Whilst it is semi refreshing to see something of the midfield teams for a change it leaves the series without a real storyline to engage viewers between episodes. There are several key moments of the season which aren't even mentioned. For example, Kimi Raikonnen taking an extremely popular win in the US Grand Prix. This is completely brushed aside in favour of looking at what the Haas team (who got far too much spotlight throughout the series) was doing during the race."


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