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Russell frustrated by FIA Monaco delays

Russell frustrated by FIA Monaco delays

F1 News

Russell frustrated by FIA Monaco delays

Russell frustrated by FIA Monaco delays

George Russell has conceded to being left frustrated by FIA race director Eduardo Freitas' delaying of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Sunday's event in the principality was initially pushed back by 65 minutes after light rain began to fall ahead of the scheduled start time before turning into a torrential downpour that sparked a power cut of crucial race systems.

Russell is among the many drivers who believe the original start time should have been adhered to.

"It is always a difficult position for the race director," said Russell. "It is easy in hindsight.

"From my side, I just wanted to get cracking. It was definitely intermediates to start with.

"I think we could have gone directly, maybe got 20 laps under our belts and then red-flagged it when the rain came in rather than delaying and delaying but that is easy to say in hindsight.

"I guess a bit frustrating for us and a bit frustrating for everyone at home but that is the way it goes sometimes."

F1 drivers to discuss delays

After the event, there was a wide range of views, with some drivers backing the race director and others taking the opposing stance.

Asked if the drivers will discuss the issue ahead of the next race in Azerbaijan, Russell added: "Yeah, I guess it would be nice to understand everybody's viewpoint and their viewpoint to delay it because I think everybody was ready to go on the hour initially.

"I definitely thought the second occasion, it was a different decision to delay it but as I said, I think we could have got going on the hour."

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