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Williams reveals F1 helmet-cam concerns

Williams reveals F1 helmet-cam concerns

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Williams reveals F1 helmet-cam concerns

Williams reveals F1 helmet-cam concerns

Williams head of vehicle performance Dave Robson has described the data shared via the new-to-Formula 1 helmet-cam as "not ideal" but backed the popular addition to the broadcasts.

George Russell gave fans a drivers-eye view of Monza at the Italian Grand Prix after rave reviews over the insight given aboard Fernando Alonso's crash helmet at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Despite the popularity with fans, teams will be concerned over the exposure of sensitive real-time data being taken from the dashboard which would be available to other teams.

In Formula E, the lower half of the screen is digitally blurred when broadcasting through the helmet-cam in order to protect the team's information from the dashboard.

“It’s not ideal really I suppose from our point of view," said Robson.

"But then again, if people find it interesting and entertaining then that’s all part of the sport, isn’t it.

“It’s probably not where I would choose to put the camera for us but if people like that view, it’s okay I think.”

Williams "continuously review" steering wheel design

The pictures from Monza also highlighted a difficulty for Williams drivers with the team being the only one not to fully integrate the dash into the steering wheel and instead, continuing to fix the dashboard to the monocoque.

“We’ve looked at it before and decided it wasn’t really worth the effort and it was absolutely fine where it is, stationary," explained Robson.

"I don’t know how much they actually look at it when the wheel is turned anyway, to be honest. You’d like to think they have better things to do at that point in the corner.

“It’s something we will continuously review or as and when we redesign the steering wheel but I think we’re pretty comfortable with where it is at the moment.”


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