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Russell reveals to working with psychologist in order to "offload"

Russell reveals to working with psychologist in order to "offload"

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Russell reveals to working with psychologist in order to "offload"

Russell reveals to working with psychologist in order to "offload"
GPFans Staff

Williams driver George Russell has revealed to now working with a psychologist in a bid to "offload" and maintain his mental health given the pressures of Formula 1.

The 23-year-old was thrust firmly into the spotlight last year, notably after his crash behind a safety car in Imola, and again when he replaced Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton for the Sakhir Grand Prix after the seven-time champion tested positive for Covid-19.

Russell believes that mental wellbeing is as crucial as physical preparation, and does not feel there should be any stigma attached to the new area of his lifestyle.

“Last season was so intense, especially with how things panned out in the latter half of the year, that mentally it was very draining," said Russell in an interview with PA.

“I started working with a psychologist. I talk to him once every six weeks and it is nice to have someone to offload to.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Formula One driver, or working from home, we all have our own issues to deal with and there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. It is beneficial.

“Men see mental health as a weakness but it is absolutely not. It makes you stronger and [you] understand yourself more. There is nothing to be shy about or ashamed of. It is the world we are living in now, with social media which is brutal for everybody."

Russell is particularly scathing of social media and the effect it can have on a person, which is why he has revealed he now shuns it completely in order to protect himself.

“You have these superficial people on there, and a lot of people look and think ‘Why am I not like that?’ queried Russell. "But they are only portraying their very best version of themselves.

“I am just out of that generation. I didn’t join social media until I was 16, but I could not imagine being 10 to 15, growing up and seeing all of this because it affects your self-esteem. If I could, I would get rid of it.

“I have muted all things Formula One on social media. I am not reading anything, whether it is about me or not, because I often find it frustrating seeing things that I don’t agree with. It doesn’t bring me anything positive. I am better without it.”


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