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Seidl against "concessions" for new F1 teams

Seidl against "concessions" for new F1 teams

F1 News

Seidl against "concessions" for new F1 teams

Seidl against "concessions" for new F1 teams
Sam Hall & Ewan Gale

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl is against new F1 teams being given "concessions" to be competitive from the first year.

F1 will introduce new power unit regulations from 2026 with discussions having been held throughout this season, although plans have yet to be revealed.

Representatives of Audi and Porsche have been involved in the talks, with the manufacturers being prospective entrants should the regulations suit their needs.

F1 is aiming to introduce a more relevant power unit within its new regulations aimed to match the sports increasing responsibility towards the environmental sustainability goals.

With the sport aiming to attract new manufacturers there have been suggestions of concessions being introduced to help new teams acclimatise upon entering, something Seidl is against.

“From my point of view, my approach was that even as a newcomer - [from] my experience for example when we entered Le Mans - I don’t want any concessions," said Seidl.

"I want to compete with competitors on a level playing field.

“I guess you have to accept when you come new into a sport or other sports that it might also take time to build up this competitiveness.

“At the same time, I have no doubt also with the timeline that is in place, whoever would enter F1, there is enough time and I guess there is enough knowledge around and knowhow with these manufacturers that they can be in a reasonably competitive position from the first year onwards."

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