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Norris begs McLaren to tell him he 'sucks'

Norris begs McLaren to tell him he 'sucks'

F1 News

Norris begs McLaren to tell him he 'sucks'

Norris begs McLaren to tell him he 'sucks'

Lando Norris has claimed that he is still learning and developing as a driver, and that he wants brutal honesty from his team to help his growth.

The young Brit extended his contract with McLaren last week, extending his stay with the papaya team through the introduction of new regulations in the 2026 season.

Norris will be heading into his sixth season in F1 coming off the back of his strongest season to date, finishing sixth in the standings with 205 points and seven podium finishes – his most in his career on both counts.

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Lando Norris has extended his contract with McLaren in a multi-year deal
The Brit is coming off the back of his best season to date

Norris: 'If I suck, tell me I suck'

The 24-year-old has gained fans for not only being fast behind the wheel and a great personality off the track, but also his refreshing honesty.

Never one to blame his team, he owns his mistakes and says it exactly how it is and speaking with the official McLaren website, he expects the same honesty back.

Asked what he had learned and improved during his impressive season last year, he said: “There's a lot of things that I've learned from a driving perspective and teamwork perspective. For example, even more openness, I think we put quite a bit of effort in as a team in this area.

Norris is known for his brutal honesty

“When working with my engineers, in terms of being very open with one another, that is not something new or something I have only just learned, it is something I have always done and continue to do.

“I just prefer the honest truth. I would rather have the brutal, honest truth. If I suck, tell me I suck. If I’m good, tell me I’m good. It is not always easy to do, but it is very important, and we will continue to do this to teach and help other people.”

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