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F1 champion drops EXCITING Newey future hint

F1 champion drops EXCITING Newey future hint

F1 champion drops EXCITING Newey future hint

F1 champion drops EXCITING Newey future hint

Fernando Alonso has dropped a significant hint about Adrian Newey as the design genius gears up to depart Red Bull at the end of the year.

Newey has been with the Milton Keynes based outfit for 18 years as their design chief, contributing to much of their championship success.

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The 65-year-old has already had his access stripped back to minimise the damage to Red Bull if he does choose to join a rival F1 team.

Though Newey's next destination is not yet confirmed, he has been strongly linked with Ferrari to join up with Lewis Hamilton next season.

Adrian Newey will leave Red Bull in the first quarter of 2025
Adrian Newey has been linked with a move to Fred Vasseur's (left) Ferrari

Where will Adrian Newey go next?

Newey has also been linked with Aston Martin, where double world champion Alonso has recently extended his contract until 2026.

The Spaniard has raced in F1 since Newey's time at McLaren in the early-2000s, and their paths have crossed in rivalry almost continuously since.

Alonso was asked by Agencia EFE whether Newey was his biggest rival, despite the storied on-track battles with the likes of Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and Sebastian Vettel.

“Surely, surely!" Alonso replied, laughing. "Because in the years when I was at Ferrari, Red Bull was the great dominator, with Vettel and with [Mark] Webber. Either of them could win you the race.

“And in this era, the truth is that Verstappen is dominating everyone. So Newey is largely to blame for this, yes.”

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Fernando Alonso says Adrian Newey can be considered his biggest F1 rivals

With Vettel and Verstappen, Newey and his design team masterminded seven drivers' titles, with the Dutchman on track to make that eight this year.

Alonso has never worked with Newey, though is still hopeful of the chance to do so in the second twilight of his F1 career.

“We have a very respectful relationship - mutual," the 42-year-old said of Newey. "He released a book in Spain and gave me the opportunity to write the prologue.

"I think both of us have said publicly that we admired each other; that we greatly respected each other's work. But, apart from that, I think little else.

“He is a fierce rival, who has helped all the teams to be better; to always look for a better version of ourselves. Now that he is free, on the market, logically we would all want, or dream, of having that possibility.

“But, well, also reading the rumours or the things that are said, it seems that he is close to Ferrari. So we'll see. Whatever he decides, he will be welcome.”

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Newey drops HUGE hint on F1 future
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Newey drops HUGE hint on F1 future

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