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Schumacher admits forgetting major F1 moments

Schumacher admits forgetting major F1 moments

Schumacher admits forgetting major F1 moments

Schumacher admits forgetting major F1 moments

Ralf Schumacher has admitted in an interview that he doesn't remember many of his achievements in Formula 1.

The German raced for Jordan, Williams and Toyota over 11 years in the sport, claiming six victories and dozens of podiums in a reasonably successful career.

The now 48-year-old ended his career rather prematurely in 2007, just one year after seven-time world champion brother Michael Schumacher had called it a day for the first time on his legendary time in the sport.

Former Williams driver Schumacher has now forged a very successful broadcasting career for himself, becoming a fixture of Sky Germany's F1 coverage over the last few years.

Ralf Schumacher and Michael Schumacher claimed five family one-two's during their careers
Ralf Schumacher's brother Michael Schumacher claimed seven world championship titles
Ralf Schumacher has become a fixture of Sky Germany's F1 coverage

Schumacher has little recollection of results

Now, Schumacher has been opening up on the Formula For Success podcast about what it was like to race side-by-side with his brother, often sharing the same podium.

The pair claimed five family one-twos during their careers, making them the most successful brothers of all time in F1.

"At the time when you race, you race and you're just happy about what you achieve," he said.

"And I wouldn't, in my case I wasn't happy often enough but looking back, yes it was an amazing journey that the two of us had, if you remember how it all started, so yes it is amazing but one day, there will be somebody better and it doesn't matter, it's a part of history now and I'm not the kind of person to look back too much.

"That's why, many times when I do the expert thing they tell me about my results of that race and I don't even remember."

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