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Pundit claims F1 change has made racing too easy for Verstappen

Pundit claims F1 change has made racing too easy for Verstappen

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Pundit claims F1 change has made racing too easy for Verstappen

Pundit claims F1 change has made racing too easy for Verstappen

Former team manager Peter Windsor has claimed that the street race-ification of Formula 1 is making the sport too easy for Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman has already made his feelings about street circuits clear, admitting that he isn't a fan of some of the classic permanent circuits on the calendar being replaced by city races.

The three-time champion labelled it as a ‘money-based choice’ by the sport’s owners Liberty Media and does not benefit racing.

Madrid will mark yet another race to run through a city in 2026, joining the likes of Jeddah, Melbourne, Miami, Monaco, Baku, Singapore and Las Vegas – if its contract is to be extended beyond 2025.

Max Verstappen does not like more permanent circuits making way for street circuits
Peter Windsor argues the Red Bull driver finds it too easy with the street circuit corners

Windsor: Street circuit corners not challenging enough

Windsor discussed Verstappen’s comments on his official YouTube channel and believes that his views may have been taken the wrong way.

"Has he actually said he doesn't like street circuits, or has he said he doesn't like the modern version of street circuits?," he said.

"I think there's a difference. He might well have been quoted out of context there, or they might have clipped the quote.

“I can't imagine Max doesn't like going into Casino Square at Monaco or going to the swimming pool at Monaco or indeed doing what he did to get the pole through Rascasse at Monaco.

"That's classic Max Verstappen, and I'm sure it would be almost impossible for Max to say I don't like street circuits.”

Windsor went on to say that he thinks many corners on such street circuits are not ‘challenging enough’.

“Everybody's a late breaker these days,” he continued.

“Everybody can basically get on the power quite early and hold a slide. And the standard of driving therefore, given all the telemetry and all the information you have before you can get in the car, is pretty high if you've got good balance, eyesight, rhythm and all the other things you need.

“And so where's the challenge in that? I'm not saying Max doesn't do that better than everybody else, or Max and Lewis and a couple of others, but it's not really how he wants to display his skill."

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