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F1 starlet issues CONCERNS amid FIA test

F1 starlet issues CONCERNS amid FIA test

F1 starlet issues CONCERNS amid FIA test

F1 starlet issues CONCERNS amid FIA test

A young British star has raised his doubts about a potential new invention that could soon debut in Formula 1.

Ollie Bearman's 2024 has got off to a phenomenal start, with the Brit taking part in his first ever race at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and vividly impressing would-be employers.

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The 19-year-old's seventh-place finish sees him sitting in 12th in the drivers' championship, despite only having competed in one race.

There has been suggestion that the young Brit may take to the grid once more in a race in the not-so-distant future with Haas, after Kevin Magnussen's penalty-stricken Miami GP weekend left him on the verge of a one-race ban.

Bearman may also believe he can get himself a full-time seat on the grid for 2025, with German driver Nico Hulkenberg departing the team with whom Bearman is reserve driver.

Ollie Bearman once again drove the SF-24

F1 'back to the drawing board'

Now, Bearman has been involved in an FIA test of spray guards to cover the wheels of F1 cars in the wet, in a bid to reduce the amount of spray thrown up in wet conditions.

The test took place in Fiorano, with Bearman once again driving Ferrari's SF-24 car, but the young Brit was not impressed with the FIA and F1's new invention.

"I followed Arthur Leclerc who was running with the wheel covers," Bearman told

"So far, not really much to say about them. I think you saw the videos, it was quite similar. So I think back to the drawing board, we need to keep looking at it.

"We did a few different configurations, but we only wet the straights just to see if you could follow on the straights.

"We did four or five runs just trying different levels of openness, because if it's fully closed, it's also quite tough for the temperatures of the tyres."

Nico Hulkenberg will depart Haas at the end of 2024

Young star targets vacant F1 seat

Bearman stepped into the Haas car during FP1 at the Emilia-Romagna GP, his first of six FP1 sessions throughout 2024. The Brit has largely been touted for a 2025 place on the grid, but he isn't taking anything for granted.

"I haven't been set any goals, no. I think the pressure is mainly coming from myself," he told media ahead of the Imola weekend.

"I just want to keep learning and improving. Every time I drive the F1 car, I'm always increasing my experience.

"I still haven't done many laps in F1 compared to the other guys, so I just want to maximise my potential."

"I've never had doubt in my ability," the young Brit continued. "Since the start, I knew that I was good enough to fight - whenever I've jumped into a new category I've been competitive straight away, so that's never been in doubt for me.

"Jumping in the Haas in Mexico last year was a good feeling. It gave me more confidence because I was competitive there, and then doing the weekend in Saudi in really difficult circumstances...

"I didn't prove it to myself because I didn't need to, but I proved to everyone else that I've got what it takes to be an F1 driver in the future

"Of course this is my chance," he said talking about Hulkenberg's move to Audi from 2025. "But just because there is a seat free doesn't mean I'm entitled to it, I still have to go out there and earn it through good performances in F2, but even more, the six FPs I'm doing, I need to perform well and show I am ready for F1 next year."

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