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Ex-Mercedes F1 chief makes Verstappen 's***box' claim

Ex-Mercedes F1 chief makes Verstappen 's***box' claim

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Ex-Mercedes F1 chief makes Verstappen 's***box' claim

Ex-Mercedes F1 chief makes Verstappen 's***box' claim

Former Mercedes CEO Nick Fry called Max Verstappen the best driver on the Formula 1 grid, claiming that he could win even without the best car.

The Dutchman's record-breaking 2023 season, in which he won 19 of 22 races, drew a huge number of plaudits but also raised questions about whether he'd be able to compete without a clearly dominant car.

The Red Bull driver secured his third consecutive drivers' title last season, breaking numerous records and firmly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Despite Red Bull having the top-performing car in 2023, Verstappen's unparalleled dominance has set him apart. Currently ranking third in the all-time F1 winners list, Verstappen sits only behind Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

Max Verstappen was in scintillating form in 2023
Nick Fry believes Max Verstappen would still beat his rivals in a worse car

Verstappen 'is the best driver'

Fry, who boasts an extensive history in Formula 1 with roles at Honda, Brawn GP, and Mercedes, firmly believes that Verstappen's prowess makes him the standout driver on the current grid.

“Unfortunately, I would have to say that Verstappen is showing that he is the best driver at the moment, and I don't think it would matter much, he told OLBG. “It could even play into his hands, because he’s shown he's good enough to be very adaptable and would probably drive any of the cars better than his competitors.

“I heard someone say once "If you can drive, you can drive anything". I don't think it would matter if you put Max in a sh**box or a Red Bull car, he'd probably still beat the rest of them. He's very adaptable. I don't think it would change much, sadly.

“If you started Max at the back of the grid, he'd still do better than most, but perhaps he wouldn't win. A lot of it is due to the car. Red Bull has the best driver and the best car.”

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