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Every F1 World Champion: The full list from Andretti to three-time king Verstappen

Every F1 World Champion: The full list from Andretti to three-time king Verstappen

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Every F1 World Champion: The full list from Andretti to three-time king Verstappen

Every F1 World Champion: The full list from Andretti to three-time king Verstappen

While F1 has been around since the mid-1940s, the FIA didn’t ratify the formation of the Formula 1 World Championship until 1950. As such...that's where our list of world champions begins.

F1 stands as the pinnacle of global single-seater racing, and arguably global motorsport, to the day, and some historic names have had their names carved on the trophy.

A total of 34 drivers have experienced the elation of winning a Formula 1 title with their names now etched into the history books and eternalised in motor racing folklore.

Eight of these champions have been crowned in the new millennium, with Dutch superstar Max Verstappen becoming the latest new name to be immortalised among the F1 greats when he claimed his maiden title in 2021.

Out of the 34 drivers to boast an F1 world championship, only 18 have managed to repeat the feat and become two-time world champions.

When Verstappen was crowned champion in the Qatar 2023 Sprint, the Dutchman joined Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Niki Lauda, Jackie Stewart and Jack Brabham as winners of three titles.

F1 World Champions, the full all-time list

Here is a complete rundown of every F1 world champion since the championship was formed in 1950.

1950Giuseppe FarinaItalianAlfa Romeo
1951Juan Manuel FangioArgentinianAlfa Romeo
1952Alberto AscariItalianFerrari
1953Alberto AscariItalianFerrari
1954Juan Manuel FangioArgentinianMercedes
1955Juan Manuel FangioArgentinianMercedes
1956Juan Manuel FangioArgentinianFerrari
1957Juan Manuel FangioArgentinianMaserati
1958Mike HawthornBritishFerrari
1959Jack BrabhamAustralianCooper
1960Jack BrabhamAustralianCooper
1961Phil HillAmericanFerrari
1962Graham HillBritishBRM
1963Jim ClarkBritishLotus
1964John SurteesBritishFerrari
1965Jim ClarkBritishLotus
1966Jack BrabhamAustralianBrabham
1967Denny HulmeNew ZealanderBrabham
1968Graham HillBritishLotus
1969Jackie StewartBritishMatra
1970Jochen RindtAustrianLotus
1971Jackie StewartBritishTyrrell
1972Emerson FittipaldiBrazilianLotus
1973Jackie StewartBritishTyrrell
1974Emerson FittipaldiBrazilianMcLaren
1975Niki LaudaAustrianFerrari
1976James HuntBritishMcLaren
1977Niki LaudaAustrianFerrari
1978Mario AndrettiAmericanLotus
1979Jody ScheckterSouth AfricanFerrari
1980Alan JonesAustralianWilliams
1981Nelson PiquetBrazilianBrabham
1982Keke RosbergFinnishWilliams
1983Nelson PiquetBrazilianBrabham
1984Niki LaudaAustrianMcLaren
1985Alain ProstFrenchMcLaren
1986Alain ProstFrenchMcLaren
1987Nelson PiquetBrazilianWilliams
1988Ayrton SennaBrazilianMcLaren
1989Alain ProstFrenchMcLaren
1990Ayrton SennaBrazilianMcLaren
1991Ayrton SennaBrazilianMcLaren
1992Nigel MansellBritishWilliams
1993Alain ProstFrenchWilliams
1994Michael SchumacherGermanBenetton
1995Michael SchumacherGermanBenetton
1996Damon HillBritishWilliams
1997Jacques VilleneuveCanadianWilliams
1998Mika HäkkinenFinnishMcLaren
1999Mika HäkkinenFinnishMcLaren
2000Michael SchumacherGermanFerrari
2001Michael SchumacherGermanFerrari
2002Michael SchumacherGermanFerrari
2003Michael SchumacherGermanFerrari
2004Michael SchumacherGermanFerrari
2005Fernando AlonsoSpanishRenault
2006Fernando AlonsoSpanishRenault
2007Kimi RäikkönenFinnishFerrari
2008Lewis HamiltonBritishMcLaren
2009Jenson ButtonBritishBrawn
2010Sebastian VettelGermanRed Bull
2011Sebastian VettelGermanRed Bull
2012Sebastian VettelGermanRed Bull
2013Sebastian VettelGermanRed Bull
2014Lewis HamiltonBritishMercedes
2015Lewis HamiltonBritishMercedes
2016Nico RosbergGermanMercedes
2017Lewis HamiltonBritishMercedes
2018Lewis HamiltonBritishMercedes
2019Lewis HamiltonBritishMercedes
2020Lewis HamiltonBritishMercedes
2021Max VerstappenDutchRed Bull
2022Max VerstappenDutchRed Bull
2023Max VerstappenDutchRed Bull

Who has won most F1 world titles?

The current record for the most F1 world titles is seven, shared between Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, although the latter still has hopes of claiming an eighth as his career winds down.

Juan Manuel Fangio sits third in the record tables with five world championships, while Sebastian Vettel and Alain Prost have four titles each.

Who is the youngest ever F1 world champion?

Sebastian Vettel currently stands as the youngest world champion in F1 history after the legendary German claimed his first title in 2010, driving for Red Bull at the age of 23 years and 133 days.

Who is the oldest ever F1 world champion?

Juan Manuel Fangio currently holds the record for the oldest-ever Formula 1 world champion, and that record is unlikely to be broken any time soon.

Argentina's finest racing talent clinched the 1957 world championship while driving for Maserati at the age of 46 years and 41 days.

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