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Team boss reveals why F1 cost cap is WORKING

Team boss reveals why F1 cost cap is WORKING

Team boss reveals why F1 cost cap is WORKING

Team boss reveals why F1 cost cap is WORKING

Zak Brown has hailed the Formula 1 cost cap and its impact on the sport's competitive balance, citing improved performances in qualifying from teams near the back of the field.

A limit has been set on how much teams can pay for salaries and development (among other things) since 2021, and Brown has insisted that the system is working.

Brought in to try and level the playing field, it has prevented teams who are able to simply throw money at problems from outmuscling the field in the financial arena away from the track.

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Although not a perfect solution – nor one that will have overnight success – there has been plenty of praise for its implementation.

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And Brown has now sung the cap's praises, noting the increased competition within the sport.

Brown: Cost cap helping competition in F1

“I think the cap has been outstanding for the sport,” Brown told Autosport.

“It’s not yet perfect but I don’t think that something that is so young wasn’t going to have some loopholes which the FIA are closing.

“Max [Verstappen] made it the most dominant season by one driver and team ever, but if you took Max out of the equation, you had for the first time five teams with seven or more podiums.

“I can’t recall a team that has been 10th in the constructors’ [championship], always being a threat to be in Q3. I think we’re all used to the team being in P10 being three seconds off pole.

“I think the budget cap has had the intended consequences of making the field much more competitive.

“I can tell you from sitting on the pitwall, there’s no team that we don’t think – when we’re looking at times – is a threat to get into Q3. That’s the benefit of the budget cap.”

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