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F1 champion opens up on Hamilton relationship

F1 champion opens up on Hamilton relationship

F1 champion opens up on Hamilton relationship

F1 champion opens up on Hamilton relationship

One-time Formula 1 champion and long-time Lewis Hamilton team-mate Nico Rosberg has opened up on his relationship with the British legend.

The pair were childhood friends and competitors in junior series, and have knock each other for decades.

But when the duo joined forces at the silver arrows in 2013, their relationship slowly began to deteriorate before it infamously broke down during the 2016 season.

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Nico Rosberg was team-mates with Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes from 2013 and 2016
The pair infamously fell out during the 2016 title battle
Rosberg retired at the end of that season while Hamilton went on to become a seven-time champion

Rosberg: Lewis and I have repaired our friendship

With notable collisions in Spain and Austria, the team-mates completely fell out over the course of the season, with it ending with Rosberg winning title and then announcing his shock retirement from the sport.

Hamilton went on to become a seven-time world champion, and the Brit has bene trying to fix their relationship as he sends the German’s daughter gifts every year in a touching sentiment.

Speaking to German publication Suddeutsche Zeitung, Rosberg said: "Lewis and I have repaired our friendship. We see each other from time to time. Every Christmas my daughters receive a huge box full of gifts from him."

Rosberg debuted in F1 in 2006 with Williams before Hamilton joined a year later with McLaren, but it was only when the two linked up at Mercedes that friction began to rise between the championship rivals.

The 38-year-old once told Eurosport: "It [the friendship breakdown] happened immediately when we were fighting for the World Championship, not before.

"But that's always the case: When you're fighting for success in every race and for titles, it doesn't work anymore.

"It was a build-up from one race to the next. If you want to decide the world championship for yourself, you can't play ‘love, peace and harmony’. You have to test limits and go into grey areas to win, especially when two drivers are at such a high level. Then it often gets tight."

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