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Verstappen reveals BAN in Red Bull contract

Verstappen reveals BAN in Red Bull contract

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Verstappen reveals BAN in Red Bull contract

Verstappen reveals BAN in Red Bull contract

Max Verstappen has revealed that he has a clause in his Red Bull contract forbidding him from partaking in any dangerous sports.

The Dutchman's deal is believed to pay him over $40m per season, with eight-figure bonuses available for hitting certain objectives.

It is no surprise that with the three-time champion’s current form and the mega contract that he is on, Red Bull will want to keep him in the best condition at all times.

Verstappen admitted to the clause in his contract when speaking with Dutch magazine Formule1, stating that it bans him for taking part in ‘all dangerous sports’ including skiing.

Max Verstappen is contracted to Red Bull until 2028
His lengthy contract makes him the highest paid driver on the grid
Red Bull want to take no risks with their star man

Verstappen reveals 'no dangerous sports' clause

“Yes, dramatic of course and sad,” he said.

“But on the other hand, you can also slip in the shower and break your neck. There is a risk in everything. But to answer your question, I haven't skied in five years because of the risk of breaking or twisting something with all the consequences that entails.

“And of course also in the knowledge that there are still years to come in which I have a great chance of becoming champion again and winning races. If you think about that, you automatically take fewer risks.”

When it was put to Verstappen that a number of football players have contract clauses preventing them from going skiing, he replied: "Me too. No dangerous sports."

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