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FIA impose 'three-strikes' track limits rule at Imola

FIA impose 'three-strikes' track limits rule at Imola

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FIA impose 'three-strikes' track limits rule at Imola

FIA impose 'three-strikes' track limits rule at Imola

The FIA has imposed a 'three-strikes' track limits rule for Sunday's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

There was widespread confusion during Formula 1's season-opener in Bahrain as the rules altered over the course of the weekend, leading to Lewis Hamilton running wide at turn four 29 times during the race before being warned.

Across the weekend at Imola, the drivers have been warned that turns nine, 13 and 15 will be under close investigation.

For the race, in particular, a driver faces a potential penalty if a combination of the limits imposed at those corners are exceeded on more than three occasions.

FIA race director Michael Masi's events notes read: "On the third occasion of a driver failing to negotiate Turn 9 exit and/or Turn 13 Apex and/or Turn 15 exit by using the track during the race, he will be shown a black and white flag, any further cutting will then be reported to the stewards.

"For the avoidance of doubt, this means a total of three occasions combined not three at each corner."

For the three practice sessions and qualifying, any times achieved by going beyond the limits in place at the three corners concerned will be deleted.

Last year changes were made at turns 13 and 15, in particular, after the drivers had convinced Masi into allowing the Italian flag painted run-off areas to be deemed a useable part of the track.

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