VIDEO: Hamilton tears through the field from the pitlane in Brazil

Sunday, 12 november 2017, 14:31

Enjoy this montage of Lewis Hamilton making his way from the pitlane all the way through the pack to fourth position in a thrilling drive in Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix in Interlagos. 

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  • Col Fernando
    His a four time world champion, what do you expect him to do? Plus he had the rare opportunity of using the full power of the engine, so had had a major advantage over many of the back to mid field cars. I'm not saying he's a crap driver, he is amazing, but this really isn't something special from a person at his level of motorsport.
  • Christine Muise
    Not good enough to make podium though!! Forza FERRARI!!
  • Robert DeCastro
    Nope..Merc did that..not Lewis.
  • Rodney Lees
    First of all I'd like to thank the fans....
  • Michael Swales
    with the help of a safety car

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