VIDEO: Rossi's terrifying 'oh sh*t' moment in Baja 1000

Saturday, 17 november 2018, 06:31 , by Matthew Scott

Former Formula 1 racer Alexander Rossi shared an utterly terrifying moment from his efforts at the Baja 1000 as a road car somehow made it onto the desert course, as he was hurtling towards it. Miraculously, the Jeep encountered Rossi's Honda at a jump, and no serious damage to machine or person as caused.

The famous off-road race in California always attracts plenty of visitors and special competitors, but one guest must have taken a wrong turn as the car trundled the wrong way down the sandy course.

According to reports, Rossi didn't even see the Jeep as his Honda Ridgeline sailed over it – taking a wing mirror off o the way – but the American was quick to share his reaction on social media afterwards.

Perhaps even more incredibly, the incident was caught on camera and you can check out the mind-blowing footage below. 

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  • Kevin McMurray
    Who writes this crap ? First the Baja 1000 is in Mexico... not California. And cars can jump on the course at anytime they are public roads.This year was 800 plus mile loop . No way to stop them . Rossi is also a Indy car racer . It was crazy and he did get very lucky
  • Peter Keating III
    Nice clickbait title. Who the hell is Alexander Rossi?

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